AO: Radio Silence

When: 05/05/2022


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Chubbs, Coach Twilight, Couch Potato, Hustler, Mansplain, Nano, P-body, Paper jam, Short Circuit, Small World, The Count,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Hustler

May is the Merkin Challenge Month, so most of our thangs had merks in them so we could all hit the 162 daily goal (5k is the goal for the month).

Warmorama was SSH, Abe Vigodas, 14 merkins, and other stuff.

The Thang was a Mini-Murph. We partnered up, 1/4 run, 10 pull-ups, 20 merkins and 30 squats, 1/4 run X2. The reason for partnering, was in increase and encourage better form, especially with the pull-ups too many guys cheat — myself included — and don’t start with a unflexed arm or jump to get their chin to the bar. An accountability partner helps encourage a “full pull.” I partnered with Piano Man, and we ended up holding each others feet so we could do full pulls, because right now, I am not able to go from unflexed arms to all the way up more than twice (but that will change soon).

That gave us 40 merkins, btw.


The next thang was 11’s with a merkin at the bottom of the hill and a 10 knurkin (knuckle merkin) at the top. That gave us pain and 128 merkins (subtotal 148).

Moving right along, notice the cones on the field? We partnered up again and one partner did SSH while the other bearcrawled about 40 yards, there and back again and then flapjacked with the partner. Just 1X.


There was just enough light at 6am to start a game of SB with a football. Each partner chose either an alligator or crocodile as their fave reptile. The other was the other reptile, so we had a team of alligators versus crocs. If you don’t know, SB is like ultimate frisbee. Someone on your team throw to you and you have to stop and throw from there — no running. Alligators won, 1-0. Crap.

To the flag for COT: nameorama, 6th man (P-Body), announcements and Ball O’ Man. Many intentions and gratitude were heard by our God (and he’ll answer each one of them).

You guys are awesome! Love Q’ing you.

Hot Tip: When I first started Q-ing, I got quite pissed off when people gave me a hard time about — you didn’t count that right, or we just did this yesterday, or Hustler, did you plan anything? or whatever. I was like, “Then you freakin’ Q! You *&%$*&!” Not good. I’ve learned to enjoy the grief I get. It gives the guys a chance to get crap off their chests and it’s basically a little whining and complaining. And if you think about it, the stuff the Q tells us to do is not easy. The barbs are not personal. They’re actually very funny. If they said nothing, nothing at all, that would be bad and no fun.








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