AO: Radio Silence

When: 08/19/2021


Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: Coach Twilight, Hustler, Mall Cop, Mansplain, Oracle, Paper jam, Short Circuit, Slum Lord, Small World, The Count, Tooltime, Walk Off,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: short circuit

Master Peabody was also there and ended up being the 6th Man today.
(don’t think I didn’t see you move ToolTime…)

Intro:  Bunch of AWESOME new guys at Radio Silence and yhc decided we needed a mini-Q school to get them ready to lead their VQs. Told the PAX upfront before stretching what we were doing and that yhc was going to try to go “by the book” and they needed to call him out on any mistakes.  (yhc got called out several times!)

“By the book”:  The 3 Fs, FOOPCOT, Push yourself don’t hurt yourself. Modify as needed.

Warm-o-Rama:  SSH IC, Weedpickers IC, Windmills IC, Sun Gods OYO (kind of), Michael Phelps OYO, Arch Worms Merkins IC

The Thang:  Used Chops’s format from back in May 2020 at the Den and set up 4 corners inside the tennis courts fence with cards at each corner – 3 exercises on each card for each PAX to lead a set of exercises.  Led in order of longevity with F3 after yhc kicked off the first exercise at the first corner.  Practiced calling out exercise, deciding on the reps and the always difficult, counting – single, double, 4 or 6?? count.

Remember: Don’t Q it unless you can do it!  (But push yourself and do it!)

Corner 1 (chest) – 30 Merkins IC, 30 Plank Jacks (4 count) IC, 30 Mike Tysons IC
Travel long side of 2 tennis courts via Side Shuffle with flap jack half way
Corner 2 (abs) – 25 LBCs (4 count) IC, 15 Pregnant Ladies (4 count) IC, 15 X-cross Sit-ups (6 count) IC
Travel short side via Crawl Bear
Corner 3 (shoulders) – 15 Carolina Dry Docks IC, 50 OH Claps (with a jump per the Q) IC, 15 Blades of Steel OYO
Travel long side via Backwards Run (“It’s called Bernie Sanders Q!!!”)
Corner 4 (legs) – 50 Squats IC, 25 Lunges (2-count) OYO, 25 Flutter Kicks (4-count) IC
Travel short side via Arch Worms (YHC called an audible about halfway to head to the flag)

Though the actual satellite lunar orbital sundial time was argued, yhc’s watch had 45 more secs for 45SOM (seconds of Mary)

Announcements:  Street riding recon and Paper jam’s VQ is this coming Monday at “Spin Class” or “Road Pizza”??  Big 2ndF party this Saturday evening at Swisher’s with a live band.  Twilight “encouraging” PAX to head to The Armory on Friday right up the road.  Downtown Cartersville recon happening for F3 NOGA.

Prayers:  Biebs and family, PB and family, Afghanistan, COVID cases, Paper jam’s friend, Nano’s recovery

Great work Dudes!!!  Be thinking about your VQ in a few weeks or months and let’s bounce some of these old timers off the Q sheet!

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