AO: Paragon

When: 12/09/2021


Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names: Cricket, Dr. Thunder, Floppy, Garfield, Grey Poupon, Homeboy, Kiffin, Lt. Dan, Ma Bell, Manning, The Mole, The Professor, Tinder, Wiggum,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Cricket

The above gif is in loving memory of our dear Ricky Bobby who has given us the high hard one… maybe one day he will return
We headed off across the football field (sans Ricky Bobby) to the seldom-used front of the high school. Circling up for…

Warm-0-rama (this is my go-to as it really loosens up my hips… if it changes, its just b/c I didn’t sleep well the night before and forgot something LOL)

  • Windmills
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Weed Pickers
  • Sun Gods
  • Michael Phelps
  • SSH


Conveyor Belt

  • We lined up next to a row of parking spaces
  • Assume the Merkin position and move sideways (to your left) until you reach the next parking space
  • Do 1 Merkin, continue doing 1 Merkin at each parking space until you reach 10
  • Bear crawl forward to the adjacent row of parking space and repeat the process to the right to return where you started
  • 20 total Merkins, feels like 50…
  • Continue the conveyor by Lunge Walking out and back 10 spaces
  • Last time, Burpee Broad Jump out and back 10 spaces


I Have No Name For This – shoulders and arms were burning, so we needed to stretch our legs

  • the main entrance to the school is about 300 yards long and has a center divider broken into 3 sections, with the 3rd section being the longest with a steep incline
  • run to the end of the 1st  section, 5 Inchworm Merkins, run back to start
  • run to the end of the 2nd section, 5 Inchworm Merkins & 10 Monkey Humpers, run back to start
  • run to the end of the 3rd section, 5 Inchworm Merkins & 10 Monkey Humpers & 15 Flutter Kicks (4-count), run back to start


Triple Suicide

  • mosey to the football field and line up on the goal line
  • 3 exercises with 3 sets of 20 reps each; start with exercise 1, between sets run increasing distances on the field (10, 20, & 30 yds), after all 3 sets, move to the next exercise
  • Mike Tyson
  • Reverse Lunges (Kodiak count)
  • Makhtar N’Diaye (thanks google)


Still time on the clock, our shoulders were burning, there was only one answer…


A Donkey Kick to the Balls

  • Partner up alongside the brick wall
  • Each team has to do 100 Donkey Kicks collectively
  • Donkey Kicks only count if your partner is in the Balls to the Wall position


Back to the flag for a bit of Mary with a special appearance of Seal Team Big Bois!


Great group today (both for fitness and mumble chatter) and congrats to Floppy on his 26th wedding anniversary!

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