AO: Broadway

When: 10/11/2023


Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: Canoe, Duster, E-tool, Exile, Fawlty Towers, Green Mile, Jar Jar, Python, Sailor Moon, Snot Rocket, Sooorie, Stage Dive, Tinfoil,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Exile

Ruck to East Entrance and Bernie Sanders back to little Italy
Copperhead squats & Reverse lunges

(Get 2 grapefruit sized rocks)
Overhead claps with the rocks IC
Lower arm raises with the rocks IC
Prone shoulder ROM slow count

Ruck to the next station

Plank with reverse single leg flutter
Big boy sit up with strict form
Glute leg rotations
Alphabet Soup in a V-hold

Pickup tombstone coupons
Ruck to next station with smooth PAX rotation on coupons. Not quite smooth yet, but failure is essential to learning!

Circle of curls
Pass the tombstone coupons around the circle doing partner curls.
After each turn on coupon curls: perform squats or ruck presses, alternating these exercises after each set of curls.

Ruck back to flag
Rotating PAX on coupons, goal is smooth coupon rotation. Improved, with room for improvement.

– Happy Taco this Friday at noon
– Holiday Lights 5k November 18

Quote from a talk by Mark Richt earlier this week I was able to attend (paraphrased notes as accurate as I could get them.

When asked “How do you build a strong healthy winning culture?”:

Do really tough things together.
When the men did really tough training, and the standard was perfect execution, they rose up and built a strong culture in struggling with that tough training and nitpicking of the coaches (we were very nit picky). The drills had to be done perfectly or we did it over again. They start to realize they cannot do it alone and they HAVE to rely on one another to get it done and to win.

– Rick, infection & cancer treatment
– Brian’s dad, health and for answers
– Chris, Mental battle

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