AO: League

When: 05/27/2020


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: 8-Bit, Aquaman, Chancellor, Fuzzy, G-String, Garfield, Good Hands, Gringo, Hank Hill, Katniss, Manning, Meltdown, Panhandle, Pink Panther, Pitchfork, Pony Boy, PowderPuff, Rat Tail, Scamper, Snapfish, Spit Valve, Time Slot, Waffle Cone, Westside, Wild Thing,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Westside

The BackBlast:


Finally!! The long awaited return of Frodgeball is upon us and 26 HIM’s came out for what would be an epic morning.

The Thang:

Combining the rules of Ultimate Frisbee and Dodgeball we have Frodgeball. Offense has a Frisbee and Defense has a GatoSkin Dodgeball.

Offense plays standard Ultimate Frisbee rules, the catch is, the Defense has 1 player with a Dodgeball that can throw it at the Frisbee or the Player holding the Frisbee to create a turnover. On turnover the Frisbee and the Dodgeball change hands and play continues. Easy enough, right? Some clarification, as always with a Westside Q, is needed.

  1. Dodgeball CAN be deflected with the Frisbee
  2. Players can act as shields for the dodgeball or deflect an incoming shot
  3. Dodgeball CAN be used to hit the Frisbee mid-air (Congrats to G-String on this!)
  4. As always remember the 5 D’s Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge

Captain Katniss vs. Captain Manning was an upset with Katniss running away with the game at the end. A top 10 list for highlights will be included


Name-o-rama, 6th man (Gringo!), praises, and prayer requests

Naked Man Moleskin:

Top 10 Moment from Frodgeball:

  1. Q gets the Mr. Irrelevant draft pick
  2. Team Katniss takes an early lead, 8-Bit needs to shake the rust off!
  3. Rat Tail with the amazing lay out, then immediately whiffs the throw
  4. Ace throw to Chancellor in the endzone, wait where’s he going? (Manning and YHC were sitting back with the play by play)
  5. Hank Hill running around like a chicken with his head cut off. Not sure if that’s strategy or he’s just trying to keep up with Manning
  6. Setting up to destroy someone with the Dodgeball just to have them drop the Frisbee is the ultimate letdown
  7. 8-Bit has it, nope, yep, lost it, found it, dives wildly for no reason!
  8. YHC and Pony Boy having a nice game of catch with the Dodgeball from all the turnovers
  9. Tater somehow takes down Chancellor in the endzone, I need the backstory here
  10. Manning aces a shot to Fuzzy in the endzone, he’s wiiiiiiiide open and then, drop

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