AO: Blacktop

When: 01/28/2022


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Aquaman, Bo Peep, Boondock, BoSox, Good Hands, koi, Panhandle, Sega, Spock, The Butcher, Tulip, Turtlehead,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Panhandle

Music – check
Killamylunga crawl routine – check
Aqua showed – check
Have to revise beatdown because I know Aqua won’t do crawls – check

Mosey to other lot, circle up, SSH, drop to merkins x15, hold plank, merkins x10, plank, merkins x5 plank
Butkis’ (curb boxing) drop on YHC’s count and do 5 merkins (add a merkin each time up to 15)
Wind sprints, run backwards to start, SSH for 6
Tubthumping – get knocked down, do a burpee, SSH while waiting for lyric
Run to sign, do 5 box jumps/5 dips and then hold for 6 – go by 5 up to 25 – everyone loved it
Mosey, stop for merkins, grab coupon
Crawl with coupon in front of you, stop each 4th time and do merkins, overhead presses for the 6
Overhead press IC
Arm extensions on YHC’s count, hold for allotted time with arms straight out
Lunge walk back to start with coupons above your head
Circle up with coupons, American Hammers and on YHC’s count grab coupon and pass it to your other side, keep doing hammers w/o coupon until the next call – LBC’s next with coupons, that was weird, Burpees with coupon and overhead press, also known as man makers, get it together Q
Mosey to flag
Mary – crunchy frogs by Aqua, J-lo’s by Spock, Plank Jacks by Good Hands

Noteworthy –
Aqua was offended by non-Christian music at a church, wants to launch the Phoenix again for Sunday mornings at 3 AM
BoPeep doesn’t like Bring Me The Horizon
BoPeep also discovered he was Asian
Boondock is a badass
Koi’s beard emasculated the rest of us
Spock didn’t want to be outdone by Aqua’s 21 crunchy frogs, so did a ton of J-lo’s, that sucked
YHC with key speaker placement right behind tulip and butcher during Mary so they had no idea what was going on
Koi has no hobbies other than sweating it out with us
Smurfette was an EHing machine…need some HIMs from Woodstock City to step up, maybe we can grab the grounds guy next time
Good Hands might have unintentionally done the coolest name-o-rama move with the collar flip before the fist bump
Everyone loves box jumps

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