AO: Happy Jack

When: 09/18/2020


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: Babyface, Bloodhound, C4, Cricket, Dixie Chick, Harp, LawDog, Mickey, Misty, White Rice,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: LawDog

When a hurricane comes to town it always brings me back to the Hugo Bowl. Having grown up in Statesboro during the 1980s and 90s Erk Russell and GSU Football was it. I am not kidding, it was all there was in the boro. The only national chain restaurants we had were McDonalds, Burger Kings, Wendy’s, and the Shoney’s. In 1989, GSU was going to be broadcast as the 2nd ever Thursday night football game on ESPN. They played despite Hugo roaring down the eastern coast. I was 7 years old. Even though I will never play a sport on National Television in a hurricane, I sure as hell can post to F3 with my buddies.

5:30 sharp grab the bags and start the mosey. Upon seeing headlights from multiple directions YHC decided to stop in the parking lot for some warm-a-rama waiting for the six. White Rice just parked where we were and hopped out. Cricket came running up all Homeboy shirtless. He said, why not. Hey where’s C4.

Mosey up to the parking lot by the Skate Park stopping a couple times for 10 reps of squats. On the field next to the skate park we set up for 4 corners in honor of the cat 4 Hugo. 1st corner 4 gets ups. Holding the bag to your chest, you stand up. 2nd corner 4 burpees jumping over your bag. 3rd Corner, 10 over the shoulder throws with the gab, 4th corner 26 kodiak count flutter kicks holding the bag over your head in honor of the 26-0 win GSU had over Middle Tennessee. Drop the bag at the first corner and job down the road to the stop sign and run back pushing your pace up a notch. Plank at 1st corner for the 6.

Guess what, the Eagles went on to win the national championship that year for Erk’s 3rd National Title with GSU. So rinse and repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 rounds. at the end of the 3rd Round, C4 shows up out of no where. Hate that he missed that, good thing the Eagles went on to repeat the national title the next year under the new coach (who was an assistant under Erk) might as well make it 4 rounds.

Line up for a Hurt Locker style Indian run back to the Flag. No its not the Hurt Locker as YHC was reminded, but we did have the sandbags to carry so it is the Happy Jack.

Back at the Flag (metaphorically because we did not have a flag), we had time for something else. Line up at the fence. Throw your bag over the fense and run a lap around the fence to grab your bag. Keep going until almost times up. White rice got bored, so every got to add 5 squats before each toss.

As we hit 6:14 drop the bags and finish with some J-L0s.

Naked Man Moleskins:

Apparently, C4 was dreaming deep and wonderful thoughts of having to go pee without finding a bathroom and woke up just in time to make it with out draining it only to realize he had over slept. posting late is still better than posting not at all.

Harp is really starting to become infatuated with YHC. He has totally altered his beatdown schedule to stalk me. This was day 4 in a row of him following me around. I get it, I am LawDog and totally awesome but Harp, you don’t have to sweet talk me to. Harp started round 3 before the rest of the pax and said “LawDog I am just so excited you are such a great leader and awesome Q. This is so much fun, I really could not wait to start that 3rd round.” At least that’s what I heard. Other Pax may have heard something much more succinct and more like Samuel L Jackson in pulp fiction not Samuel L Jackson in marvel movvies telling YHC something not so flattering when YHC said Harp’s getting a head start.

Its always fun how you can tap into a reserve of energy when another man runs up beside you and starts running a little faster than you.

Throwing sandbags and jumping in puddles started to be come a thing. Why did I feel like the pax where intentionally trying to splash each other?

I wonder if I am the only Q in F3nation who did not think to “Bring Sally Up” during the beatdown?

Final Thoughts. Get Comfortable being Uncomfortable. “For Cus, boxing was a metaphor for living. You prepare a plan whether you are in the ring, in a war, or going to work in a Factory. When you strengthen your will and build up your character, you can persevere and face up to whatever challenge you face.” Mike Tyson talking about his Trainer Cus D’Amato. Posting in the poring rain to work out at 5:30am is the hardest thing most of us will do today. But it won’t be the hardest thing we do in life. However, whatever that harder thing is, you will be prepared to face it because posting in the rain at 5:30am is Getting Right by strengthening your will, building up your character, and developing your perseverance.

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