AO: Clinic

When: 11/29/2021


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Blue Light, Gut Check, Icy Hot, Office Party, One Scoop, Oracle, Scotchguard, Spaceballs, Stopwatch, Swing Line, Tingles, Trailmix,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: None

QIC: Oracle + Pax

Our Q had an unforseen schedule conflict, YHC took the Q and brought the Rando-Rama Q that I learned from the Catbox Pax.


Short Mosey, SSH’s, Copper Head Merkins, Weedpickers.

The Thing:

To the best of my knowledge, the Catbox pionered “Rando-Rama”, which has been a favorite Beatdown of mine since I joined F3.  YHC brought the practice to the Clinic.   The Thing is just like it’s named – Random – each Pax steps up to Lead for a 5-7 min section, the next Pax steps up to Lead, repeat, repeat.   We practiced the real-time principle of “peer led”.

  • Oracle:  100 Merkins – with 1 rule, hands can never leave the ground for a rest (modification to knees acceptable).  Plank on the Six.
  • Office Party: 7’s: Burpees/Air Squats.  Air Squat on the Six.
  • Icy Hot – 20 Ballirena Air Squats, 20 Lunges, 20 (4-count) Monkey Humpers, 20 Star Jumps, Run Stair Lap (repeat twice).  Air Squats on the six
  • Tingles: Bernie Sanders acrosss the field, Sprint Back (repeat 10 times)
  • Swingline:  Bear Crawl, 20 dips, Crab Walk, 20 dips, Bear Crawl, 20 Dips (repeat 2 twice across the field).  Air Squats on the Six
  • StopWatch: 25 American Hammers, Balls to the Wall for the final 3 Minutes

Time flew by.  All Pax were quick to step in and lead.   We practiced in real the 4th Principle of F3 Nation – we “Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary”.  F3 Nation teaches us to Lead for the invigoration of male community leadership.  Thank you men for rolling with the Rando-Rama Q, all of you eager to step in and lead at a moments notice.

The COT:

Six Man

@Trailmix is preparing an exciting new chapter in his life, getting married this weekend.  It was great to hear his words this morning, sharing what he has learned from the community of F3 Cherokee – especially the leadership and examples he recieves indirectly, just being around good-men that live out daily, authentic male leadership and those who “Live Right” rub off on him, making him a better man.


  • @Trailmix who is getting married this weekend and moving to Alabama.  Prayers for his wedding, his next chapter that his marriage will be blessed, that his new home in Alabama will lead him to find the community he found at F3 Cherokee
  • @Bluelight, for his mother who was recently hospitalized with COVID and is struggling a great deal, his father who is still recovering from COVID, and his mother in law who has also been sick and having lost her husband ~year ago; his mother in law is struggling with the fight as she is ill.
  • @Gut Check, pray for him and the head demons we all struggle with.  Pray that he keeps his head straight, that he stays close with his SheildLock, and grows through our tough spots.


  • 3rd-F Friday this week, The Clinic BD meets at 5am (not 5:30).  After the BD, head to Resurrection Anglican Church to hear @Foosball share words of wisdom for us and enjoy some Eggs and Bacon with the Pax (6am-7am)

Thank you men for rolling with the unplanned Rando-Rama.  I enjoyed the diversity, not knowing what to expect, and us leading together.



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