AO: Vineyard

When: 03/08/2021


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: Coach Twilight, Drumstick, GoDaddy, Gut Check, Jackalope, Lizard King, Mouth-2-Mouth, Nesquik, Silverado, Trill,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: NesQuik

Well, I have to say that it’s better late than never!

Back on March 8th it was a bit cold, but we warmed up pretty quick.  We did the usual Warm-O-Rama: Side Straddle Hops, Weed Pickers, Toy Soldiers, Willie Mays, Sun Gods and Michael Phelps.  Then we mossied on down to the other end of  the parking lot where I had 5 orange cones around one of the light poles.

The Thang!

The cones surrounded the light pole similar to a wagon wheel (thanks GoDaddy!).  At each cone was a list of three exercises with increasing reps, starting with 10, then 20, then 30.  In between each rep, the Pax bear crawled to the pole and then back.  When all three exercises were done, we lunge walked to the next cone.  We broke up into pairs for the exercises and the two Pax stayed together.  It was  a great time of fellowship for the two that were together.  Below are the exercises.

  1. 10 Carolina Dry Docks
  2. 20 Overhead Claps (start with hands at your side)
  3. 30 Shoulder Press (Using the handy coupons or cinder blocks nearby)


  1. 10 Hand Release Merkins
  2. 20 Merkins
  3. 30 Nipple Scraping Merkins aka Inclined Merkins (Using a cinderblock to get the incline)


  1. 10 Burpees
  2. 20 Jump Squat (touch the ground)
  3. 30 Mountain Climbers


  1. 10 Bonnie Blairs
  2. 20 Lunges (10 each leg)
  3. 30 Squats


  1. 10 LBCs
  2. 20 Gas Pushers
  3. 30 Flutter Kicks


What I learned:

Recycling and modifying old Q’s is a great way to go.  Also, don’t procrastinate about getting the BackBlast in.  It’s important and it should be done timely.  Life is too short, so enjoy the ride and bear crawl.  You never know when that skill might come in handy.



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