AO: WarTowne

When: 05/25/2020


Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: BoGo, BoSox, Brad Pitt, Brady Bunch, Exile, Fleetwood, Jack Bauer, Maaco, Piccolo, Pie Bar, Saget, Sharapova, X-Files,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Maaco

13 PAX including 4 different Site Q’s (WarTowne, Woodshed, CatBox, Apex) converged on WarTowne to take on the Murph


We don’t need no stinking warm-up.

The Thang

The Murph

1 Mile

100 Pull-ups

200 Pushups

300 Squats

1 Mile

Modify as needed.  We did break up the BD to limit the amount of people using the monkey bars at one time.  4 PAX wore vests to add to the already brutal BD.

Mary was performed until the 6 was in.


Prayers for all the men and women that have given the ultimate sacrifice for us.  They did that, so we can do this.  A few PAX stepped up and spoke about specific instances.

Naked Man Moleskin

YHC was an honored to host so many PAX at WarTowne this morning.


Jack Bauer-  brought the tunes.  You can have AC or DC.  It’s your choice.  YHC did his best to make the BD as confusing as possible for Bauer so that he could attempt to hang with the beast that is Jack Bauer.  It didn’t work.

BoSox- always a great time to have a BD with my brother.  Battling through a knee injury, but he still came out and crushed it.

Brady Bunch- He had that Arnold Clenched Fist in the post BD photo.  I dare you to tell him to do another pull-up.

Fleetwood- he lost count of how many sets he did and couldn’t honestly face his wife and tell her that he had completed the Murph, so I think he just did the entire thing again.

Saget-  this is the first time YHC has posted with Saget.  Mall Cop and Dump Truck have told many o’ story about him.  He lived up to all of them and then some.  He lead us in some awful Mary right at the end.  It was glorious.  Get yourself over to WarTowne on Saturday’s.  The Q sheet is open for the taking.

Brad Pitt- he got “confused” and did 30 squats each round instead of 15.  Pretty sure he did 600 squats.  He’s a boss.

X-Files- another PAX that YHC had never posted with.  Dude rolls up in an unmarked Kia Optima and hits the blue lights on us.  YHC was pretty confident that we were getting shutdown, but he was just giving me a heart attack.  He had just gotten off of work, changed out of his business attire, and crushed it.

PB- He forgot his sleeves again, and as usual, he lost his shirt half way through the BD.  YHC offered a vest to him. He declined and then did the Murph in about 27 minutes.  Should have worn the vest.

BOGO- came down from the great state of Tennessee to get a BD in with F3 Cherokee and his brother Exile.

Exile- his weight vest looks like a homemade bomb jacket.  He didn’t know how to work his own camera for the after BD photo.  Good thing he doesn’t do that for a living.

Sharapova- YHC got to see Sharapova on Monday and Tuesday of this week.  We will make it a Three’s Company type of week.  Only time and Sharapova’s ability to get up early will tell.

Piccolo-  showed up at 0525 thinking he was meeting up with Chatterbox for the Murph.  YHC mentioned that they were meeting at Chatterbox and were not starting until 0700, but he should stay here and prerun at 0530 and do the BD w/ us at 0600.  Piccolo had a flood of emotions come over his face.  Could have slept longer, don’t want to prerun, can I sleep in my car for 30 minutes.  He toughed it out and went on the prerun and drop kicked the Murph into submission.  YHC was glad to see him out.

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