AO: Murph City

When: 04/20/2021


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Driftwood, E-tool, Farm Country, Jack Bauer, Jackalope, Maaco, Office Party, The Mole, Tiny Tat, Waffle Cone, Wally,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Atticus

QIC: JackBauer


Mosey, SSHs, WeedPickers, IPs, Copperhead Squats and Merkins (yes Maaco, it’s the same as yesterday 😉

The Thang

21’s or Blackjack or today it’s know as 420 (210 Merkins plus 210 Squats = 420)

20 Merkins, run to the end of softball parking lot, 1 Squat, run back, 19 Merkins, run, 2 Squats… you get the idea.

Some pullups and Mary


Jackalope was 6th man with 6 dadgum kids (that he knows of) and can’t keep track of their ages.  Shared that he got the GREATEST text ever recently from his son.  Ask him about it.  It’s amazing!  We welcomed Atticus to F3.  Longtime friend of YHC and been EHing him for at least a year.  Musician, Welder, Artist, PodCaster, Alabama Grad (boo!), PodCast is called Mockingbird which led us to Atticus Finch then just Atticus.  We honored TSGt John Chapman, KIA on March 4, 2002, in Afghanistan.  First Medal of Honor recipient for the USAF member since the Vietnam War.  Announcements, Prayers.  WaffleCone brought cupcakes and decorations for YHC’s birthday.  Very nice!  WC was also the first person to wish YHC a Happy Birthday today!  Thanks WC and OP for launching this AO!

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