AO: Apex

When: 10/04/2021


Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: Brad Pitt, Brady Bunch, Escargot, Exile, Fanta, Jack Bauer, Lamb Chop, Sharapova, The Situation, Tinfoil, Tru-Doh,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Tinfoil

YHC attempted to explain the BD with precision breaking down every step in the process. Within minutes it looked someone set off a M80 in a room full of cats! Some blame the teacher, other blame the students. Anyways we all got on the same page and managed to complete the Thang.

We had several HIMs out there with injuries. Much respect for these guys to modify and keep going doing whatever they could.


Teams of two. One person started rifle carry around a 400M loop while

The other person ran the opposite direction. Once the met the couple was traded off. This continues until the coupon made it back to the beginning of

The loop. After each lap an exercise was completed for 200 reps ( this is a combined total between the two partners)

Lap One:

Rifle carry

Exercise 200 mericans

Lap Two:

Luggage (farmers carry) 30&50lb coupon options

Exercise 200 Box cutters

Lap 3:

Rifle carry

Exercise 200Squats

Lap 4:

Luggage Carry

Exercise 200 Freddie Mercury HC


Prayers for all that are healing injuries

Escargot’s new job

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