AO: Stockyard

When: 09/20/2022


Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: Brad Pitt, Canoe, Dodgeball, Exile, Lively, Mouserat, Panhandle, Picanha, Rubberneck, Sackful, Shart Tank, Sooorie, Tinfoil,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Panhandle

What a lovely day in the gloom and great group of men, even you Tinfoil! Exile was already preparing himself by laying on the ground in the prone position, not moving and becoming one with the asphalt, thanking it for the gift of the gloom in tongues that were inaudible, but heard nonetheless. Don’t question my logic.
After comparing bag sizes and Sooorie explaining his reasoning for forgetting things (XXL problems) we moseyed around the lot at a brisk trot, allowing the wind to blow our hair back like rockstars, some of us anyway.
Circle up, jump right into the mission, which was cobbled together by the PAX, did some burpees, SSH, Weed Pickers, low planks with a shift up to downward dog while keeping forearms engaged and talked through 5 core principles and credo. Mike Tyson’s OYO after. Lively kept staring at my backside in the circle, I think it’s the new shirt.
Grab your coupon, Canoe grabbed his canoe, and mosey exactly 33.75 feet to the line and invisible line beside it and at 18 degrees southwest of it.

Complicated, but not convoluted, 11s:
Start with your coupon, do a merkin on it, flip over do a chest press – that is 1
Bear crawl to end of lot, or the curb, near the end, but not exactly the end
ATMs or MACs or CAMs – 1 Alt Shoulder tap (both shoulders), 1 copperhead (tempo) merkin, 1 merkin – that is 1
Mosey/walk/wheelchair back to start and R&R (1/10, 2/9, don’t act like you don’t know what 11s are)

After Sooorie got angry at bear crawling for the 100th time and threw his coupon at YHC’s head, while uttering curses that were too much to bear and completely inappropriate in front of innocent Picanha (apologies again man), we moved onto Mary while Brad Pitt hugged Picanha and gave the evil eye to us all.

7 min of heaven – keep your legs up at all times *** get your mind out of the gutter (each are 4 ct up to 15)
– American Hammers
– LBCs
– Flutter Kicks
– LBCs
– Hello Dollies
– LBCs
– Freddie Mercuries
– LBCs
– Dying Cockroach
– LBCs
Then it was either time or I passed out after being crop dusted by my neighbor.

Canoe shared about his experience as 6th man and he has a bulletproof canoe made of Kevlar, don’t mess with Canoe’s canoe. Epic journey, glad he signed up for the next 3rd F breakfast! … That was written in faith and hope of hearing the rest of his story …

Still waiting on those bourbon samples MouseRat……unbelievable

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