AO: Vineyard

When: 12/10/2020


Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: BoSox, Butterfly, Coach Twilight, Dig-Em, Gambler, GoDaddy, Lizard King, Mouth-2-Mouth, Nesquik, Village people, Waffle Cone,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: WaffleCone


Intro: YHC read somewhere that a good fitness program focuses on 4 areas: Strength, Endurance, Flexibility and Balance.  With that, YHC thought incorporating things that hit on each of these areas was key.  (I knew Dips were on the menu and I knew Merkins were not since they had been plentiful in the prior days this week).  YHC also wanted to try to use a greater area on the Vineyard campus and see if he could use an exercise that incorporated the Vineyard theme..


SSH, (Side Straddle Hop); TWP’s, (The Weed Pickers); IP’s (Imperial Walkers ; SG’s, (Sun Gods); MP’s, (Michael Phelps)


The Thang: 

Mosey from the Flag to the roundabout for Warm-O-Rama, do the disclaimer and drop some useless Q Mumberchatter.  Then we traveled over to the middle school, via parking lot and stairs bringing us over to the 2nd roundabout on the far left side of the middle school to show the PAX the plan:  

“Dip Sits”, (Yes, Dip SITS.)

YHC had the PAX Partner up.  

While PAX #1 ran the route as a “Timer”, PAX #2 would do the Exercises until their “Timer (PAX  #1)” completed the route.  

They then would trade and PAX #2 would run the route and PAX  #1 would pick up the Exercises where PAX #2 left off.  

Rinse and repeat until Q calls time. 


Timer: (PAX #1 starts this)


Bear Crawls

Side Shuffles

Grapevines, (Carioca exercise)

Bernie Sanders


Exercises: (PAX #2 starts this while PAX #1 Runs)

10 Dips

20 America Hammers

10 Dips

20 Crunchy Frogs

10 Dips

20 LBC’s

10 Dips

20 Squats


COT:   Announcements were made about CSAUP events Lucky is running through the end of the year.  Reminder was mentioned to enter Dips if in the Dip Challenge. Prayers were lifted up for the Chambers family and loss of Allison Chambers to cancer.  There is a meal train link in the 3rdF channel for the family.  Prayers also for NesQuick’s friend and prayed for those prayers not mentioned.  Praise from GoDaddy about his new job.

NMM:  Had a great turn out of 10 other PAX and while they seemed to question their choices of showing up early on, by the time the donuts and coffee came out post COT, they got over their remorse.

Was great to see some recent and old faces, (old as in YHC had not seen in a bit, (DigEm, BoSox and GoDaddy) and recent as in, ButterFly and Village People.  (Apparently YHC had met Coach Twilight before, but that is because the old face and old guy is YHC and clearly forgot..)

We got moving to the warm up location right as YHC’s requested timekeeper M2M said, “you are late.” at 5:31..”   For a moment YHC was having Seinfeld flashbacks about the episode with the car rental scene where Jerry discusses the value of not only taking the reservation, but keeping the reservation..  🙂  You had one job….   

Anyway,  while YHC felt he did some decent stretching for the PAX, DigEm likes to take it slow and seemed to be cautious on YHC’s penchant for sprinting through the Warm A Rama..  We did jog to the Thang and up the stairs and given DigEm’s speed and that of the other PAX through the exercises, they seemed to get warm quickly.  Besides, he drives from southern TN to get here, (props), I think he was stretched out ok..

YHC got to the parking lot of the middle school where the route and instructions were listed and drawn out on the Whiteboard.  NesQuick was concerned about remembering the whole BD and seeing the whiteboard from a distance.  When I handed him a pocket size map and instructions, the look on his face confirmed he was only there for the donuts..  He crushed the BD despite that though.

We did several rounds of the Timer and Exercises.  Lots of Dips were done..  YHC partnered up with Lizard King and DigEm since my Partner, (Slowburn ??) was still sleeping off his exhaustion from creating donut allocation rules on Slack the night before.  Ironically they were rules for him to get the donuts of PAX that HC’d and did not make it.  (We decided to amend the rules and we ate his donuts.)

As it got to be 6ish, YHC asked the PAX to plank on the 6th and we then ran a wide loop back on the outside of the campus lanes back along the turf field cutting a right angle up and back to the Flag.

The PAX worked hard and the confirmation of this was seeing the steam coming off of their heads in the name o rama video at the end.  YHC and Gambler seemed to fog up the video the most..  Gambler looked a lot better than YHC with his Merlot colored F3 shirt though.. Not sure what it is about NesQuik’s name o rama technique but I feel like I am coming out of a huddle and about to go crush it at a championship game whenever he does his, “NneessQuik!!!”  Great 2ndF at the end and highly appreciate BoSox hosting with the site flag flying and all!

Awesome to have Village People cross county lines to come over!  ButterFly and GoDaddy breezed through the BD and clearly have both been posting a bit this winter.  Appreciate them all coming out and T-Claps to LizardKing for cross promoting the BD and to him and M2M for the awesome coffee!

Maybe next time I visit the Vineyard, I will time it when Trill and TinyTat are out.  It’s all about the timing!  Missed them and the Slowest of Burn this morning…

Oh, yeah and we did a lot of Dips.



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