AO: Radio Silence

When: 06/01/2023


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Blarney, Chubbs, Couch Potato, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Dump Truck, Lt. Dan, P-body, Paper jam, Small World, Sooorie, The Count,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Hustler

Man, it was good to see Dump Truck and Lt. Dan out at The Silence. And pretty cool to meet DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Today was all about coupons, and we even had a special guest, the famous Pretty, Pretty Princess coupon, on loan from Mall Cop’s bedroom. (Thanks, @mallcop! Safe travels. You in Freehold?)

It all started with a road run pre-run/Standard at 5am. P-Body was dead against a trail run since he had fancy new sneakers. So I was all in on a creek bottom run, but no one listened to me, but P-Body got the message. (They are nice “tennis” shoes as PJ calls them. Boomer.) Since we always fight over trail or road, The Count determined that we should do rock-paper-scissors to see who decides what the run will be the next week. Not sure who put him in charge, not like he’s the AO Q or even the Q, but we went along with it for some reason. Well, guess who won? Yes, the usurper. So he’ll decide where we’ll run next week. Small World even gave an HC for the pre-run/standard next week. Commitment!

Speaking of usurpers, there was another one in the midst. Chubbs! Chubbs, I was surprised at you, trying to force me to do SSH’s as the first exercise of the warmups. Get your own Q. So we did weedpickers and tumble weeds, and then, ironically, SSH’s. Onto imperial walkers and copperhead merkins.

We grabbed coupons, and sandbags (one was 80 pounds), and a massive truck tire called Despair, and headed to the big field where we did a Thang that I kinda made up on the spot… We partnered up and did Hard Times, which is 5-10-15-20 of curls, merkins, man-makers and burpies in cadence with you partner. In the end, we did 50 of each. Man, it doesn’t sound like a lot but 50 man-makers nearly killed me. I was about to splash merlot, pass out or both. And The Count was relentless if I slowed down or intentionally/unintentionally skipped/forgot say to do the merkin at the start of the man-maker. Even hear of modifying, Count? It’s completely acceptable in such situations. Anyway, don’t mean to air my differences with everyone, but the Count can be very pushy. Even notice that?

The first group to finish was Jazzy Jeff and PJ, and they had the privilege of flopping the giant tire across the green. It probably would have been The Count and me as the first team done, but the Count didn’t push me enough. So we were second, or third, or…anyway, the next Thang was a run to Market Steet — about 1 mile — where we did Rocky Balboas and then one merkins square (one with hands on curb, on with left hand on curb, one derkin, and one with the right hand on curb, my new favorite exercise). “We’re only doing one?” complained Lt. Dan who also happened to be the guy who didn’t want the tire in the photo because he had to leave right after the COT and the same guy who actually stuck around talking to fellow educator Dump Truck for, oh, I don’t know, 14 minutes and 12 seconds. Wow. I tell you there are a bunch of interesting personalities in this group. (Thx for the coupons lieutenant.)

In COT, Soorie talked about Speed For Need’s upcoming Chik-fil-A run at Etowah Park in Canton, and how there are a bunch of races that need pushers. We talked about the Rome Ruck coming up in July. In prayers, we lifted up a friend of Small World’s, PJ’s shrinkage, Blarney’s upcoming semester at Chatt Tech, and all the teachers.

Of course, Hustler and CP stayed around until about 7:30 talking about fishing.

I was whooped. Still am. But I am also stronger and I can’t wait to get back out there with my bros. Except for tomorrow. I am sleeping in tomorrow.



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