AO: Clinic

When: 10/20/2021


Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: Barbossa, Blue Light, Buckeye, Butterfly, Clickbait, Hopper, Icy Hot, LawDog, Oracle, Stopwatch, Surf N Turf,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: LawDog

We also had Slow Pitch and Cheetah, but I could not find there names on the list. Cheetah was a 2.0 so not suprising. But Slow Pitch? Carmen San Diego? Not that it is Carmen’s problem but he is the man who all pax go to when there is a problem. Did you notice that Carmen is named after a girl. How many Pax have girl’s names I wonder? Misty might know the answer to that. Did you know that Misty is the founder of the MW run workout. He was the inspiration for this workout although it was unconsciously. If you do not know what I mean then look at the map YHC posted on the mumblechatter channel and maybe you can figure it out. If you still don’t know ask z93 because he is the one with the dirty mind to begin with….

As for the actual beat down. YHC had not Q’d the clinic in quite some time so what better way than to run away from the amphitheater towards fire station. We stoped int he lot by the Church to introduce the Pax to the Happy Jack. Nothing like side straddle hops and knee raise jumps to get the blood pumping. C4 loves them so much he named a whole beat down after them. Mosey to the fire station for the second warmup. BOYO. Burpees On Your Own x 10.

Cross the street at the cross walk with the walk sign because the Pax are rule followers. Barbosa said something about following the code and then Slow Pitch said something about AYE and Stopwatch said Argghh and Blue Light yelled Yo Ho and Hopper yelled and a bottle of rum.  Run down the sewage trail that to the start of the the Sewage Treatment facility. A few pax said they had never run there before. Too bad we did not have Chops there. He loves the sewage AOs. He kept rattlesnake next to the Canton sewage dump until Pax finally convinced him not to post there anymore and move it to down town canton. Again I digress. Run from the cross walk on the trail back to the road and back to the cross walk and so on. 5 Burpees, 10 star jumps, run, 15 mike tysons, run, 20 lunges Kodak count run, 25 big boys or something along those lines. Then the Pax bear crawled two power line poles and I had to stop a pole fight because one Pax (who will rename nameless) said not that pole he said the other second pole too which everyone was like that is the 3rd pole this is the second pole and he said that pole beyond the first one. YHC remembers instructing something along those lines, either way we bear crawled a long long way. Time for BOYO.

Mosey back to the road and then in the church parking lot on the short track 10 merkins run a lap, then 9 merkins, run a lap, then 8 so forth so on etcetera etcetera, Yada Yada, 1 merkin. Click Bait said we should run the other laps backwards so YHC who listens to the people said run the odd laps backwards. Surf and Turf never learned even and odd numbers in school but he at least can count.

Back to the flag stopping on top of the hill half way back for a little challenge. All pax sprint all out to see how fast the Pax can run as clocked by the Woodstock PD speed detector device. Started out a little iffy, but then the number 10 popped up, quickly getting to 12 then 14, 15 and finally topped out at 16. That was fantastic. 16 burpees on your own as a prize for the Pax. Someone grumbled about pax sandbagging because we could have topped out a 17 because 17 burpees is a lucky number.

Ok this time really back to the flag, oh wait we have a few minutes. Line up on the stage in a wall chair. One at a time the pax run out perform 5 start jumps while the rest of the Pax offer love, support, criticism, and such, as to form, height, and style. I have done this exercise at the end of workouts a lot while guest Qing at various AOs. I have never not had the Pax performing start jumps face the rest of the pax. But these clinic guys (more than a few) gave the Pax the back side while squatting and one Pax did not perform a star, but more of a O’Lay, I think it was surf and turf but hard to remember because as YHC said, I did not see the pax’s faces during this particular routine. Icy Hot does have a wonderful toe point.

Butterfly was the Sixthman. Did you know he was not named butterfly based on his exceptional butterfly impersonation during star jumps.

All said and done, great times by all and Bloodhounds Qs on Friday.



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