AO: Arena

When: 03/10/2022


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Brad Pitt, Exile, Green Mile, Groot, Jack Bauer, Lexi, Maaco, Rojas, Saluki, Tik Tok, Tinfoil,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Exile

Hated to miss Picanha today, but openings to Q the Arena are usually months in advance, so the last minute opportunity to lead was fortuitous.


SSH OYO until all PAX have grabbed their headlamps.
Mosey west through the woods to the next park entrance for a plank-o-welcome
There would have been a ring of fire consisting of planks and Bonnie Blairs, but it took so long to explain how to count to two over Salukis complaining that this was modified to a plank & listen to Exile poorly re-tell the Kodiak Count How-To handed down from BabyFace.

Indian File Run East along TLP to the assisted living home, Copperhead Merkins to wait on the 6.
Cross the street (look both ways and hold an adult’s hand!)
Big Boy Sit-ups – with FOF



3-man Grinder
In in an office park parking lot (which seems illegally below sea level) with 2 sets of stairs up the building:
Station 1: Squats
Station 2: LBC’s
3rd partner is runs up or down stairs to the next station.

Just keep it moving until Q calls time.

Reconvene for Bernie Sanders back up and out of the parking lot. Brief word from our sponsor, the groundskeeper of the office park, who pokes his head out a door and says “ARE YOU GUYS F3?”


“Alright, good morning.”

Enough said, it seems.

Crossing the street back to the assisted living parking lot: Buddy System!
YHC doesn’t endeavor having to explain to the 911 operator that some guy named “Groot” just got hit by a corolla doing 60 in a 45 at 6am.
Also why it’s good to have a phone on you if you go off-site….

Indian file run back towards the flag.

When about .3 miles out, switch to two columns running side-by-side.

Share with the man next to you about your Jester, as vulnerably as you are willing, to get to know one another better and be better prepared to support and hold one another accountable.




YHC shared my personal gratitude for the Q source GROUP.

YHC read and/or listened through all of the Q source alone in 2020. It was helpful-ish, but not terribly productive OYO.

But in 2021 YHC participated in a weekly meeting with other PAX as a Group to discuss a different Q point every Friday morning and then hold one another accountable. THIS was where the Magnet and the Glue gave way to Dynamite.

Just like working out, our leadership needs daily exercise. Study alone is just knowledge, and knowledge puffs up.

We are not just a workout club.
If you just want to come and enjoy a workout and some social connections, I’m glad you are here!

But just know, I love you. And because I love you I am going to do my best to apply an Emotional Headlock and get you Invigorating Leadership Virtue and Skills in your life and then giving that away to the men around you.

If there is one thing I can encourage for any man, it’s to get into a Q source group and do the emotional, mental, character development WORKOUT that it is. We must do the reps.

Find a faster man and chase him.


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