AO: Lions Den

When: 12/31/2020


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Backdraft, Callahan, Chubbs, Fleetwood, Hard Drive, Hustler, Ice T, Mall Cop, Rug Burn, Tackleberry,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Rug Burn

Mosey to Liberty bus lanes.
side straddle hops / weed pickers yah! / sun gods / Michael Phelps / copper headed squat

the thang…

20 stations of 20 with a lap in between (lap approximately 0.20 miles)

Start by completing the first exercise of 20 reps at the coupon station…jog in order to a cone exercise that were placed spaced out along the 0.20 lap.  Complete cone exercise and jog around path to coupon exercise “3”.  Complete 20 reps and jog to cone exercise “4”.  Jog lap back to coupon station and complete exercise “5” and so forth…

coupons station:
1)Front Squats

3)BentOver Row

5)Overhead Press
7) Bench
9) Sumo Squat

11) Upright Row

13) Kettle Swing

15) Curls


19) Man Makers

cone stations

2. Balls to the Wall Shoulder Press
4. Quick Feet on
the curb (4 count)

6. Calf Raises on curb
(4 count)
8. Dips on Curb

10. Side to Side Merkins
(2 count)
12. Ski Abs (2 count)

14. Burpees
16. Crunchy Frog
18. Star Jumps

20. Mountain Climbers
(2 count)


Man makers are hard

I dropped so much wisdom on Mall Cop at the burpee station.  Free of charge.  Something about metaphors and 2020 and cuss words.  Can’t remember.  You’re welcome Mall Cop.  Ha.

A lot of complaining that the counts added up to a significantly higher count that the 20 that was promised…sorry I’m not sorry.  Ha.


I need to start eating whatever breakfast Backdraft is having because he’s crushing it!

Fleetwood with some great words at the COT of what F3 has meant to him. Also, challenging the group to consider getting more involved in the 3rd F in 2021.  (Stop looking at me when you say that Fleetwood).

Prayers for OJ, Hartford, and all of those dealing with covid.  Prayers for Wild Turkey and his family as they lay his father to rest today.  Based on some of the stories from Hustler and Mall Cop, it sounds like he had an amazing life and touched a lot of people.

TLD has helped me get through a lot this year. Especially those months in the spring/summer when my family barely left the home.  I appreciate the fellowship, the fitness, and the faith discussions that this group has provided.  Great group of men to learn from and grow with.  Appreciate you all.

Great way to close out 2020 men!

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