AO: Radio Silence

When: 11/04/2021


Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: Chubbs, Couch Potato, Half Way, Lt. Dan, Mansplain, Nano, Paper jam, Slum Lord, Small World, The Count, Walk Off,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Various

11/4/21 – Radio Silence – Where’d Who Goooooooo?

Q:  the list is long and distinguished

PAX: 13, including @The Count, @Chubbs, @Piano Man, @Paper Jam, @Walk Off, @Mansplain, @Small World, @Halfway, @Slum Lord, @CP (aka Couch Potato), @Lt Dan, @Nano,  and someone we haven’t quite figured out yet.

It was good to see our long lost @Slum Lord this morning.  He travelled all the way across town to join us!

Notably absent was our Q, @Hustler, who was obviously off hustling someone/something else more important in his fartsack.  He offered up the ‘alarm malfunction’ excuse but we’re not buying it.  @Biebs was absent and claims to have been ‘rear ended’ the night before and can ‘barely move’ this morning, but can still manage to post in Slack at 4:56 AM, a full 34 minutes before BD posting time.  We think he could have limped down the street to the BD. @Short Circuit was ‘side hustling’ at some other AO, but he supposedly took an FNG with him, so we’ll excuse his absence this time, after he confirms that he completed the pre-run at the other AO, since he stood up @Paper Jam, @Lt Dan and @Walk Off for the Radio Silence pre-run today…… but we forgive him, sort of, maybe, possibly.

The Thang

As usual F3 Leadership showed up in all the right places this morning.  A cold, dark, wet, rainy morning where we could have been still in our fartsacks like @Hustler, but I digress. @Mansplain led us out for a quick mosey and then rounded us up, since @Hustler wasn’t there. He then used his leadership skills to push @Small World into the middle of the circle , since @Hustler wasn’t there, to lead us through some warm-ups including Side Straddle Hops, Imperial Walkers, Weed Pickers, and Sun Gods. It took him a while to get started, but he’s the first in a while to actually call cadence on Imperial Walkers without faltering! Then, because @Hustler wasn’t there, he had us partner up for a combo merkin-squat workout alternating with a lap around the courts.


After that @Chubbs jumped in, since @Hustler wasn’t there,  to lead some 11s on ‘The Hill’ , Burpees at the bottom and BBSs at the top.  If you weren’t already drenched by the rain, the puddles and deep wet grass soaked you.

Then a quick mosey lead back to the parking lot.  @Paper Jam transitioned the PAX to the playground for some step-ups, since @Hustler wasn’t there.   @Lt Dan then decided, since @Hustler wasn’t there,  those weren’t enough, and called for a ‘plank walk’ around the playground on the raised wood border, occasionally calling for a handful of merkins to wring out any remaining energy that we might have had.

The afore-mentioned exercises all occurred at some point this morning, probably close to the order in which they were presented.  If not, then it’s @Hustler’s fault, since we was still in the old fartsack.

Count-o-rama and COT followed, without @Hustler of course.  We didn’t have a name-o-rama, because @Hustler wasn’t there.  Prayed for @Beibs and other parties quick and full recovery, for those impacted by Covid, for those whose jobs are impacted by Covid, and for all men to be blessed with guidance, knowledge and power from God in order to be the HIMs that He calls us to me.

Have I said that our Q, @Hustler wasn’t there yet?  🙂

Kudos to the PAX for picking up the lack of leadership (@Hustler wasn’t there) and pushing us through a very solid/sucky BD, leaving us cold, wet and thoroughly exhausted.

In conclusion….. @Hustler wasn’t there!!

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