AO: Murph City

When: 10/12/2021


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: Barbossa, Brad Pitt, Office Party, Oracle, Saluki, Scotchguard, Surf N Turf, Tinfoil, Tingles, Tiny Tat,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: No FNG's

QIC: Oracle

Quick Warm-a-rama:

Short mossy, with a few SSH, weed pickers, bend-overs….move onto the real work.

The Thing:

1st Mile – keeping the Pax together, we ran sprint intervals between light posts.  Before the sprint, we did 10 deep squat star jumps, sprint, mossy to the next light post, squat on the six, repeat star jumps, sprint, etc.  On the back 1/2 of the mile, we continued with sprint intervals, but, did 25 merkins, sprint, mosey (repeat, repeat, planking on the six staying together).  110 deep squat star jumps, 225 merkins, 1 mile.

We then headed to the valley playground with 5 rounds:  5 Pull up’s followed by 25 lat pulls on the swings (repeat 5 times), adding 50 lat pulls on the 5th round.  The back to back pace of the 5 rounds gave a few of us muscle fail.  25 pull ups & 150 lat pulls.

2nd mile – Indian Running with the front man carrying a 30 lb ruck, swapping the ruck carry as the front man completed his sprint.

Returned to the flag with 5 minutes of mary, in rotating fashion working our core.

Circle of Trust:

We honored Master Sergeant, Joshua Lloyd Wheeler, who gave his life in a mission that led to freeing 70 servicemen held in an ISIS prison.  Wheeler was highly decorated reaching dozens of medals and an unpublished, countless missions as a Master Sergeant leading an elite, secret mission team Delta Force.  He gave his life in battle at 39 years of age (born: Nov 1975, died: Oct 2015).  He left behind his wife and 4 sons.  He was a member of the Cherokee Nation, raised in Oklahoma.  He raised his family in North Carolina, but, regularly returned to the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma to serve the impoverished community he was raised.

Thank you to @Office Party and @Saluki for their Site Q Leadership at the Murph.  They’ve done an amazing job lead Murph City.  The passed the Flag and Site Q role over to @Scotchguard and @Oracle as the new Site Q’s.

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