AO: The Ronin (Closed)

When: 06/04/2022


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: Babyface, Bloodhound, Gekko, Jack Bauer, Lt. Dan, Maaco, Panhandle, Shirley, Tenderloin, Turtlehead,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Maaco

Tendy hates Metallica but knows every word to Love Story by T Swizzle.  That song is a banger, so he gets a pass.  Also, what in the actual hell are those muscles on his back!!!!

Flower will attempt to murder any dog or non-F3 runner. Probably wise to join F3 to be safe.

Maaco and Geek have passed their ability to find porta potties off to JB. That dude took a hard right turn to that thing.

Babyface has perfected the ability to trash talk so much that he “forgets” to do the exercises.

Panhandle is willing to do questionable things to get PAX to sign up to Q The Ronin.  DM him, and he will let you know how freaky he is willing to get.

Shirley is going to his 40th high school reunion soon.  Lt. Dan and Turtlehead weren’t even born when he graduated from high school.

Sign up for Grow Ruck.  Not for you, but for the man to your left and the man to your right.


I guess that I should talk about the actual BD.

Mosey to pull-up station

On the way there, 5 burpees when you pass a bench and derkins when you pass a railing.

Lunge across top of bridge

At pull-up station

1st round

One pax holds at top of pull-up position

Other pax do squats

Rotate until every pax gets a turn

Run a lap

2nd round

90 degrees

Plank knees to chest

Take a lap

At this time, Shirley mentioned that he could do pull-ups All Day.   We shall see.

3rd round

Dead hang one handed



4th round




YHC requested that Shirley show as that he could do pull-ups All Day.  The rest of the group air chaired while we counted off pull-ups for Shirley.  The amount that he did would be the amount of burpees we would do when we got back to the flag.

He got to 13.  I think he took it easy on us.

Mosey back

13 burpees

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