AO: Lions Den

When: 01/05/2023


Number of Pax: 16

Pax Names: Blowpop, Fleetwood, Hartford, Ice T, Odd Job, Pie Bar, Pop Up, Rembrandt, Roscoe P, Rug Burn, Sleepy Joe, Swap,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Rug Burn

Mosey to basketball courts at Freedom (Standard warm-o-rama in a not so standard location).

Super 11’s – 8 cones set up total.  4 by the wall at Freedom, 4 across the parking lot (about 40 yards away).  4 sets of 11’s at the same time…1 exercise using the wall and 1 exercise in the parking lot.

  1. Start with 10 Carolina Wall Docks (inverted plank with feet on the wall) / 1 OJ Squat Jumps
  2. 10 Donkey Kicks / 1 – 2 count WW1 Freddy Mercury Big Boy’s (hard to explain…)
  3. 10 – 4 count wall squat holds / 1 – 4 count dips on the curb
  4. 10 – 2 count inverted shoulder taps / 1 – 2 count Bonnie Blairs

Take a lap around the parking lot island and change count to 9 against the wall, and 2 in the parking lot.  Then, 8/3, 7/4….

In summation… it sucked.

COT – IceT with some great words about what F3 has meant to him over these (nearly) 4 years!!!  Congrats T!  Fleetwood has your 4 year key chain on the way.

Prayers for Tack and his family.


Also in attendance:  Rubber Ducky, Lafleur, Chick Fight, Ring Pop


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