AO: Safari

When: 01/14/2021


Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: Babyface, Carmen SanDiego, Doubtfire, Hopper, Mickey, Pella, Quagmire, Rest Stop, Super Dave, WALL-E, Wingman,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Hopper

Warm-o-Rama- A quick mosey around the bus lot and the lower entrance lot, circled up for windmills, sun gods and my take on the side-straddle hops, the side-straddle hoppers  “one ! two ! tree!“,  if you were there, then you know what this all means.

The Thang- Another quick mosey, this time just the bus lot, and then we circled up for the DECK OF DEATH!!! Each pax drew a card from the top of the deck to determine the exercise that would seal our fates. Despite the constant reshuffling of the deck by YHC, the trending theme of this morning’s Deck of Death were burpees and merkins, or at least it felt that way. Oh yeah, backwards running was in there too. We finished the Deck of Death a little earlier than I anticipated, so to make do with the remaining time that we had we did indian runs around the bus lot, sprints and bear crawls.  For those who had the highest number of lbc’s within a minute had the pleasure of calling out the next exercise. A three-way tie was broken with a game of rock, paper, scissors. To be honest, the only thing that was planned for this beatdown was the Deck of Death. Everything else just kind of happened and I could not have been happier for it.

COT- Announcements for upcoming events and prayers for our F3 brothers Duggar and Hombre and their families.

Coffee provided by Quagmire!




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