AO: Stockyard

When: 04/04/2023


Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names: Big Papi, Canoe, Cinnabon, Exile, Jar Jar, Jinx, Mall Cop, Mouserat, Picanha, Rubberneck, Stage Dive, Tapps, Uncle Dick,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Big Papi

(w Ravenclaw)

Mosey to opposite end of parking lot

WOR- SSH, Weed pickers, Windmills, Sun Gods

Thang- A play of the Physical 100 TV show utilizing sandbags to play to the strengths (& weaknesses) of our PAX in attendance

Quest #1- Punishment of Sisyphus

Stand on line of parking space, complete 1 man maker, run 1 space, bernie back, and complete one man maker.  All under a minute

When timer goes off, complete 2 man makers, run 2 spaces, bernie back, complete one man maker. All under a minute

Continue 3,4,5 etc until all PAX fail to complete task within a minute.  (Exile completed 8 full rounds)

For those who failed, PAX must complete 15 squats per minute until end of quest

Quest #2- Punishment of Atlas

1st min- Deadlift and hold sandbag over head, 10 second break

2nd min- Hold bag at 90 degress in front, 10 second break

3rd min- Proper form merkins, 10 second break

4th min- Sandbag curls, 10 second break

5th min- Skull crushers, 10 second break

Rinse and repeat until all PAX fail out (Exile and Canoe each lasted 11 minutes)

At failure, each PAX must do 25 LBC’s per minute until end of quest.

Quest 3- Tail of Ouroboros

Parking lot was measured to have ample spaces so each PAX would line up 6 spaces apart.  All Pax began running in clockwise direction in attempt to catch the person in front of them.  Once a person was tagged they were eliminated from game.  The tagger then yells “SWITCH” and all Pax began running in opposite direction.  This continued until time to return to flag (Picanha & Rubberneck were amply dominant as expected).

For those who were tagged, Pax would begin completing 10 No surrenders followed by 30 second break until time was called

Mosey to Flag

NOR, COT- 6th man MouseRat



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