AO: Safari

When: 08/20/2020


Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: Babyface, Chitwood, Dory, Duggar, Flexible Scope, Miyagi, Pella, Rest Stop, Visor, Wham-O, Wingman,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Dory

Pulling into Macedonia behind the janitor I go to turn into the parking lot and Babyface comes outa nowhere getting some foreplay in. Thank goodness for that orange shirt he had on as I didnt notice his headlamp at all! As I begin working on my octogon (my geometry is not the best), PAX started arriving and it was soon apparent we would be having a good turnout this morning. At 5:29 Duggar arrives a full minute early but comes running up to the huddle empty handed. He was an HC cause he had the flag. As he and Babyface go to sort out the flag situation, the clock struck 5:30 so off we went.

Warm-o-rama consisted of short mosey’s to each of the 8 stations (or almost all of the 8 stations), a warm up exercise and a discussion regarding the exercise posted on each cone / bucket. Duggar and Babyface rejoined us by station # 2 I believe.

The thang consisted of each PAX picking a starting point around the octogon and performing 8 reps of each exercise followed by a bear crawl to the next station. Exercies included:

1.) Decline Merkin
2.) Jump Squat
3.) Burpee
4.) American Hammer (4 count)
5.) Outlaws (circle legs both directions)
6.) Lt. Dan (variant with 1 squat / 1 left leg lunge / 1 right leg lunge equaling 1 rep)
7.) Peter Parkers (4 count)
8.) Monkey Humpers (4 count)

Moseyed round the perimeter of the parking lot and circled back up for round 2 which included 16 reps at each station. We did move the stations in a bit to shorten the bear crawls a tad. Everyone worked hard and modified as needed. Moseyed once again around the parking lot and finished with a 3rd time around the octogon with 8 reps and duck walks between each station.

6MOM included box cutters, newton’s cradles, and freddy mercury’s before we hit 6:15.

Prayers for Flexible Scope’s friend and dad’s upcoming medical procedure. Prayers for the janitor at Macedonia who recently lost his wife to Covid. Check out Slack to get more details on the upcoming family picnic, the 3rd F breakfast, remaining school of ruck events, and IronPax.

Wham-o was out in the gloom with us this morning ready to ruck! We gotta introduce Wham-o to his doppleganger Popper. Miyagi’s knee held up…mostly! Duggar clearly wont do what we tell him to do! (Lotta rage in that boy!) Does Rest Stop ever get cranky? Does Visor ever take off his visor? Thinking back about this beatdown I have more questions than answers…I wonder if the aggressive music had anything to do with it?

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