AO: Murph City

When: 12/21/2021


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: Brad Pitt, Butterfly, Oracle, Rojas, Saluki, Sooorie, Swing Line, Tingles, Trill,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: Spidey (not an FNG, but not on Slack)

QIC: Oracle


Short mossey, circled up, commissioned our beatdown with the F3 Mission and Principles.  Warmed up with some Side Straddle Hopes, Weed Pickers, HillBilly’s, and Copper Head Squats.

The Thing:

Each pack grabbed a coupon for a 1 mile weighted run – bumbbell’s, ruck plates, and a few rocks (each ~30lbs) – ran the first 1/2 mile mile and did coupon curls till the six got in, and ran back to the Flag with the coupons, again doing coupon curls for the six.

Pax lined up in plank position.  The first man rolled @Sooorie’s tractor tire 3 times (up the inclined parking lot) while the other pax did 10 merkins and held plank for the first pax to complete the tire flip.  Repeated at this the next man rolled the tire 3 times (10 merkins, hold plank), repeat, repeat, repeat while all 10 Pax did their tire flips (~100 merkins each, approximately 10 minutes in plank for all pax to finish their tire flips).

We then jogged down to Murph Valley for 3 rounds of 10 Pull Up’s, followed by 25 Lat Pulls on the swings; but, each Pax had to continue the Lat Pulls after completing their 25 reps until the six man finished (30 pull-ups + 75+ Lat Pulls).

Leaving Murph Valley, we did a 1/2 mile Indian Run – 50 air squats – another 1/2 mile Indian Run with 50 more air squats.  We ran the clock out doing flutter kicks.

The COT:


  • New Years Convergence – 7am January 1, Etowah River Park (don’t miss this!)
  • Speed for Need – support the committee who is commisioning setup of this program in F3Cherokee


  • Brady Bunch’s family and his wife’s surgery happening soon.
  • Sharapova and his family over the holiday season, having lost his wife this year

Honoring the Fallen @ Murph City:

Oracle honored his Grandfather, Corp Elisha Harlen (EH) Thompson, US Marine Corps.

He was born 4/21/18/13 and enlisted in the Marines at age 31 during the World War II draft.  He was home for Christmas and died in a car accident at age 35.  My father (Stuart Thompson) was 7 years old at the time.  His mother (my Grandmother), Maurine Thompson raised her 4 kids alone on the income of a lunch lady at the Elementry School her kids attended.   While my Dad (Stuart) grew up without a father, he turned into a Man at age 8, starting to work himself sweeping floors at the local barber shop and picking cotton at the cotton fields near their home.  Along with my Dad’s siblings, they all worked to put food on the table and take care of each other.

Marine Corp Elisha Harlen Thompson marked his 3 sons and 1 daughter with character and a work ethic leading his 4 children all to grow up with the highest values, character, and integrity.  My Grandmother was a saint, who taught them all kindess, love, and to know the Lord.

My grandfather Marine Corp Elisha Thompson passed just before Christmas (Dec 23), but, passed on his legacy to my Father, who is one of the strongest men I’ve ever known.

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