AO: Slab

When: 03/08/2022


Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names: +8, Boondock, Bunny Slope, Copper, Eggplant, Farm Country, Juilliard, koi, Lars, Mandals, Nightshade, Spider, Wax-on,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Gopher

QIC: Koi

Warm 0 rama

SSH, weed pickers, sungods, imperial walkers, flamingo


The thang-

Ran in a circle- 5 reps at every light pole

Burpees, Mountain climbers, Merkins, Bonnie Blairs, Squats,

1 lap with 10 big boys



Lars was 6th Man

Welcome Gopher


Prayer request

Glenn Carer

Lars family/ mom with selling of family home

Gopher marriage and safety at work

Spider daughter/ relationship

Bunny Slope- Guidance on next steps.

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