AO: Clinic

When: 03/20/2023


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Barbossa, Copper, Driftwood, Glamour Shots, Hopper, Jack Bauer, Lasso, Oracle, Sgt. Slaughter, Snow White, Steeplechase,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Phisher



Mosey to Chatt Tech.

SSHs, WeedPickers, Imperial Walkers, LBAC

The Thang 1

Let’s get warm. 11’s on the hill in the parking lot.  Start with 1 BobbyHurley at the top of the hill, run down the hill for 10 BBSs, repeato, increase BobbyHurleys and decrease the BBSs by onw

The Thang 2

Lineup at the base of the hill for Welsh Dragon – 4 bear crawls forward, 1 merkin, 1 plank jack, 1 L+R shoulder tap, then 4 bear crawls forward, and increase each exercise, repeato.

Knocked out some SLURPEES – Burpee with increasing squat jumps

Mosey interrupted by a little Sprint back to the Flag for some Mary which “climaxed” with Barbossa’s Alabama Prom Dates (can’t get that audio or visual out of my mind).


6th was Copper, great naming story.  Welcomed our FNG, Phisher – former Marine, Cyber Security Imposter (you will have to ask him what that means).  Prayers!

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