AO: Lions Den

When: 01/13/2022


Number of Pax: 16

Pax Names: Backdraft, Blackhawk, Blowpop, Hard Drive, Hartford, Ice T, Odd Job, RocketMan, Roscoe P, Rug Burn, Tackleberry,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Scamper

YHC heard the complaints of the Pax on slack about sore shoulders and arms and decided that a leg day was needed.


Long mosey taking a full tour of The Lions Den (it had been a while so YHC needed to see if anything changed), SSH, Weed Pickers, Tumbleweeds, Lunges, and Bernie Sanders to make sure the blood was pumping


The Thing:

Dora Style, 1 Partner runs the Freedom Middle School Entry Loop Hill.  Partner 2 works through the exercises below:

100 – Bonnie Blairs

200 – Squats

300 – No Surrenders

400 – Flutter Kicks

500 – SSH


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