AO: Oz

When: 08/21/2023


Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: Blowpop, Boondock, Chicken Fight, Chuck, Hustler, Odd Job, Ring Pop, Rizz, The Count,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Blowpop

YHC spent so much time thinking about the Q he almost forgot about the warmup.

Mozy’d around the church, circled up and did
Imperial walkers
Mummy kicks
OJ squats
Copperhead merkins
Copperhead squats (peas and carrots)

Oh no! YHC just realized he forgot the weed pickers!

Count off by 1s and 2s to seperate the gorup into two teams. Each team got half of an F3 exercise deck. Teams started on opposing sides of the field to begin the game.

The game is played by starting each down with 3 burpees. Then a card is drawn from the deck. Exercise on the card is performed. After everyone finishes the group advances down the field by 5 lunges. Rinse, repeat. The first team to reach half field does an additional 3 burpees. A point is scored when the team reaches the other side of the field. Losing team does 5 burpees. YHC meant to make that 6 navy seal burpees while the winners take a lap. Oh well, we’ll have to fix that next time.

We got through 3 rounds where the score ended at 2 to 1 with The Count, Chuck, Boondock, and Chickenfight winning overall.

Headed back to the flag with 5 minutes left on the clock where we performed
Flutter kicks
Freddie Mercuries
American Hammers

* The Q sheet for Oz is looking rather light. Please look it over and sign up for a Monday in September (or maybe even into October)
* Boondock will be speaking at the 3rd F this Friday at 6am at the Harmony on the Lakes clubhouse. Come out, listen and encourage him!

* Hustler was the sixth man. He encouraged us to demonstrate love for others in tangible ways
* Praise for a successful Theology on Tap / Holy Smokes event this past Thursday. Thankful for everyone who came out
* Prayer for Chuck as he grows into his new role at his company. Prayers especially for his upcoming presentation
* Prayer for Izzy’s Dr’s appointment today

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