AO: Forge

When: 04/28/2021


Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: BoSox, Code yellow, Doddy, Jackalope, Lexi, Lizard King, Narco, One Scoop, Scratch N Sniff, Snot Rocket, Tiny Tat,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Snot Rocket


Farmer carry the KBs to a pre-dertermined area by YHC for the Circle of Pain we will begin shortly. Mosey around the parking lot, arrive back at the KB circle. YHC stands in center and calls KB Copperhead Squats,Imperial Walkers,Sun Gods,Michael Phelps.

The Thang…

PAX closest to two 30ish LB batteries will carry them while shrugging to 25ish yards out to a cone, do 10 bent-over rows with said batteries, then return while shrugging still. While this PAX is gone, the remaining PAX in the Circle of Pain will complete the first exercise on the white board, then when the PAX with the batteries returns, everyone will drop their KB, and rotate one spot clockwise and use that KB for the next exercise(if exercise requires a KB), everyone gets a chance to carry the batteries as the rotation occurs.

Exercises on the board…
-Goblet Squats
-Leg Raises (while holding KB above head)
-Chest Press
-Lat Pullover
-KB Swings
-Tri Extensions
-High Pull
-Elf on the Shelf
-LBCs (while holding KB on chest)

After two rounds YHC was getting smoked. Took a light mosey up the steps at the school and down another set of steps and back to the KBs. Told PAX to pick a random location before beginning the next round as the amount of exercises was equal to the amount of PAX, something I thought wouldn’t happen. This means PAX miss out on one of the exercises every round so I called the random placement to mix that up.

We completed one more full round and had about 4 minutes to do mary. We had Flutter Kicks, Dying Cockroach, Rosalitas, Narco Monkey Humpers(they were just Monkey Humpers aimed at Narco), and Box Cutters.

Announcement for 3rd-F Breakfast Friday at Veterans Park, prayers for Narco and their foster child being handed off soon to her birth mother. Prayers that the mother would continue to make wise decisions and love her children well in the future.

Naked Man Moleskin…
The mumblechatter between Narco and Jackalope got “DADGUM” awkward today. Something about lactation onto KBs and maybe even ball sweat was involved. I digress, it was entertaining amongst the pain and suffering.

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