AO: Blacktop

When: 12/18/2020


Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: Black Swan, Brad Pitt, koi, Maaco, Subzero, Tenderloin, Turtlehead, Vespa, Waffle Cone,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: WaffleCone

Intro: YHC wanted to hit 3 goals with this Q.  1. Go for a 0.0 to not tax anyone on the DL.  2. Get in some Dips. 3. Not do BBS or anything else on the blacktop at Blacktop.  Two out of three ain’t so bad!



SSH, (Side Straddle Hop); TWP’s, (The Weed Pickers); IP’s (Imperial Walkers ; SG’s, (Sun Gods); MP’s, (Michael Phelps) *Figured out this is pretty much the only Wam-O-Rama YHC does..)


The Thang: 

“Candy Cane Dips”


YHC had each PAX grab a WCC coupon (rock) and carry it to the far north western parking lot directly behind the WCC brick wall sign.

Told PAX to Partner up and then had Partner A carry their coupon around from the left side to the front side of the wall, put it down and do 25 dips and 5 Derkins.  Then they carried it back around the right side of the wall back to Partner B.

While Partner A went to the front side, Partner B would start on the below.


100 Seconds Plank

100 LBC’s

100 Seconds Plank

100 American Hammers

100 Seconds Plank

100 BBS’s

100 Seconds Plank

100 Air Claps

100 Seconds Plank

100 Shoulder Taps


Partner A and Partner B work on these together and when they hit the bottom line, rinse and repeat!


COT:   Announcements for Region Convergence on 1/1/21.  Prayers for those navigating Covid and for health and recovery for all.  Prayers for the unmentioned prayers as well.


NMM:  Goal was to get in dips, do a 0.0 and not do exercises on the blacktop.  Two of those 3 were accomplished, however my Strava and several others informed me it was not at all a 0.0..  YHC will try to stay in one spot next time. 

YHC, got the Warm o Rama down just fine, but had to turn around to go back to get coupons before we got to The Thang so think that was the additional mileage problem.. (That is how YHC is recording it anyway..)

All the PAX worked really hard out here, even Maaco who injured himself and cut off his leg to be there!  YHC started partnering up with Vespa but switched when SubZero noted he did not have a partner and YHC had to adjust his Christmas playlist more than once.  Vespa offered to finish solo so Subzero and I could partner up.  I am not sure if Vespa was sick of having to hold the plank for YHC the whole time or if he preferred to listen to the Grinch story solo.  Either way, we switched and it all worked out.  BradPitt and Tenderloin ran through the 100 reps of all exercise as expected, “like shoppers at Walmart when they announce more T-paper just got stocked.”  All in all we each got in about 125 dips, (some did more) and we only had to listen to Mele Kalikimaka twice on YHC’s Christmas playlist.

At 6:05 YHC told the PAX to take their coupons, rifle carry them back and then meet up at the picnic like table benches to do plank-dips for a few minutes.  (Shockenly, BradPitt outlasted us all on this exercise too.) While we plank-dipped, YHC asked Subzero and BradPitt to each share something they would tell their younger selves, (advice) and also to share what they got out of F3.  YHC can tell you they both had great words of wisdom.   They were so inspiring, YHC just cannot recall them right now.. ;(  So, ask those PAX when you see them next.  Really, they had good things to say.

Mosey back to the flag just in time for the COT.


Post COT: Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Candy Canes were served.  PAX loitered around like the cast of Hank Hill for a bit after.  It was a magical pre holiday time at the Blacktop!

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