AO: 3rd F

When: 07/31/2021


Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: Amber Alert, Bagger, Bayside, Chubb, Jackalope, Lizard King, Narco, Nesquik, Scarlet, Sgt. Slaughter, Yellow Snow,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Bagger

My name is Bagger and I led the workout this morning at the Chatterbox.  We did a lot of fun things and I am still learning to count the cadence, but the men were supportive.

We first mosied a quarter around the track and made a right off into the woods to go pickup the cinder blocks that we store behind a shed.

We then mosied to the beautiful open grass area, that was freshly mowed, it smelt so good.  What also smelled good was my fellow pax… see, it was a balmy 73 degrees when we started with 99% humidity.  As the workout progressed, so too did the stinch in the air.  But it didn’t matter, as we were one unit, one team, one group of men that were there for each other.  We beat the fart sack, we beat sitting on our asses, and lounging around in our tighty whites.  We won the day before most people could roll over in bed a let out that ever so relieving fart that would eventually become a Dutch oven to their partners.

Anywho, we worked out and you can see all we did in the picture.  Please come to the Chatterbox and be part of the best, most rewarding, BD that Cherokee has to offer.

Notice I didn’t say F3 Woodstock or F3 Canton…..we are Cherokee and damn proud to be associated with this group of men….Godspeed!

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F3 Cherokee