AO: WarTowne

When: 01/26/2020


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Biebs, Blackhawk, Dump Truck, Fleetwood, Ice T, Maaco, Mall Cop, Odd Job, Pie Bar, Rug Burn, Saluki, Squirtle, Swap,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Papa Roach

QIC: Pie Bar

The BackBlast:

Intro: Sandbags + Ampitheater = Pain


Warm-o-Rama: Mosey to bottom of ampitheater. Perform various exercises


The Thang: Pie Bar’s 90’s on 9. Partner up with sandbags at top of ampitheater. P1 carries sandbag to bottom and performs 15 squats w/sandbag, and carries back to top. P2  simultaneously performs circuit of exercises. Flapjack until partners have collectively performed 90 squats (3 sets of 15 each). Once 90 squats have been performed and each partner has done circuit 3 times at top, move onto next circuit. Only one team finished all three circuits and associated squats. To keep things interesting, YHC called on PAX to stop where they were at various points throughout beatdown and PAX all ran a lap around the ampitheater. Three laps were performed. YHC played 90’s grunge playlist throughout BD


COT: Prayers for Sharapova’s M and his family


Naked Man Moleskin: Tough workout, but the PAX pulled through. I hope Papa Roach was not scared off


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