02/17/2024 - WarTowne - Final Countdown

WARMUP: mosey’ing high knees, buttkickers, bernie, sun gods THE THANG: DECATHLON MARY: No time ANNOUNCEMENTS: Flag pass, congrats/good luck Chevy & Squat COT:4 Decathlon finishers, prayers for Twinkle Toes

02/02/2024 - Blacktop - The UncleD 69 ™️

WARMUP: mosey around church THE THANG: Route Sixty…Nine Merkins Squats Freddie M’s Bonnie B’s Burpees MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: Koi Birthday extravaganza next Friday. Beers and Burpees COT: Wastewater’s

01/19/2024 - Blacktop - copycat Q

WARMUP: stuff THE THANG: see last fridays backblast from mallcop. even though we did mostly different stuff MARY: burpees ANNOUNCEMENTS: koi 300 monday COT:

01/12/2024 - Blacktop - Mall Cop Redemption

WARMUP: begrudgingly did weed pickers for Spaceballs then 50 cadence SSH. Ran the perimeter of the AO including but not limited to Killamalunga. I really wanted to get a good…