AO: Wicked Witch

When: 11/15/2021


Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: Auntie Em, Brimstone, C4, Cricket, Drumstick, Hombre, LawDog, Manning, Mickey, The Mole, White Claw, White Rice, Yogi,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: LawDog

Manning: “I can’t believe that Homeboy canceled the barn camping night just because he did not want guys setting up tents in the grass when it rained.”

Hombre: “Why don’t we go camping at the witch?”

Manning: “Who all is going?”

Hombre: “Just you and me amigo. No need to invite everyone else.”

Manning: “But what will Homeboy say?”

Hombre: “Don’t worry about what Homeboy says. He doesn’t want to camp with you anyway.”

Manning: “Ok, LFG.”

Hombre: “I will meet you in the Publix parking lot at 12am”

Latter that night…..

Manning: “It sure is cold out tonight. Are you sure you have enough firewood?”

Hombre: “We got plenty. We will be warm all night.”

Later that night…

Manning: “it is getting cold, what happened to the fire.”

Hombre: “All the wood is too wet, the fire is not catching.”

Manning: “Let’s just call it a night and go home”

Hombre: “We better stay here, we have had too much tequila and I don’t want to have to pay LawDog to get us out of trouble.”

Manning: “But I forgot my hoodie vest and its cold.”

Hombre: “Just come into my tent and I will keep you warm.”

Manning: “Ok.”

Later than night….

Hombre: “’I don’t care if your moving slow or fast… as long as it’s in my direction”

Manning: “I don’t know how to quit you!! BDE!!!”

About 5:20am….

Yogi: “What is that over there?”

White Claw: “Looks like a tent?”

Yogi: “Oh great its Hombre and Manning. Listen you to deuces, its time to get up and get to work. The LawDog has the Q….before you say anything Manning, just know you need to be the one to tell Garfield and Drumstick about this.”

Later that Morning…

C4: “This is the worst place for Mary.”

Later that morning…

Police: “Hey you Ruckers, we had some complaints about two weird dudes camping. Have you seen any strange men walking in the woods with back packs?”

Later that morning….

C4: “over head presses until we wait on the six.”

Later that morning…..

Drumstick “Long Story short…I was all like, cough, cough And then the Doctor came in and decided it was time for my prostate exam and now I want to know what’s is up with the PA.”

The Pax: “Best Q ever LawDog!”

And that pretty much sums up the morning.

See You in the Gloom.

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