AO: Wicked Witch

When: 02/03/2020


Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: Almost, C4, Cricket, Dig-Em, Drumstick, Floppy, Garfield, Hombre, Homeboy, Manning, Mickey,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:


The BackBlast:


A little birdie told me that many of usual suspects at the Witch do not care for coupons or sandbabies,  so this QIC took it upon himself to foster a superior appreciation of their deployment during a running-oriented beatdown.


Mosey the loop alongside the deer carcass dumping ground and then on toward the fire station and then back to the trailhead parking area.  The PAX noticed a late arrival, which turned out to be Homeboy, 2 minutes tardy.

The Thang:

OK, the Law Dog loop, this YHC hereby so names:  it consists of the yellow trail down along the creek that splits the park, crossing the creek and then a hard right at the intersection, and then back around up its other side, which is a long, tough climb along YHC believes to be the red trail, reconnecting to the yellow.  Law Dog deployed this once to great effect, and so the idea came to mind to lengthen it a bit by commencing from the parking area trail head and returning to it as a full loop, and then deploying the sandbabies for the exercises in between.

Early on there were complaints and fears about not understanding the trail path or getting lost, but this chatter seemed to this QIC and YHC as Monday morning whining at its most juvenile if not puerile expression.  For there was not a lost soul this morning, and aside from Drumstick’s & Garfield’s constant chatter even up the long “red trail climb” (kudos to both for the lungs that enable such chatter during a tough trail run exertion) the chatter was rather quiet.  Such is often the effect of the babies during a beatdown.

Loop 1:  25 burpees with the sandbabies, full thrust extension with the baby
Loop 2:  25 thrusters with the baby
Loop 3:  25 copperhead squats with the baby

The PAX completed the three loops, and then the gazelles hit a quick 25 mercans, and went back to the trail to pick up the Six.  When all returned to the trailhead, another 25 mercans, and there remained about 6 minutes left.  Hustle to the barn along the Old Bullpen Road gravel trail, knock out 10 burpees, and then back to the flag for 50 BBSU led by Cricket.

The Garmin had 3.5 miles completed.


Prayers for marriages, for our children and families, and for strength and wisdom.

Naked Man Moleskin:

The sandbaby burpees and thrusters recalled Iron Pax to mind, and they got each and every HIM warm real quick, on an otherwise brisk morning of 35F degrees.  Not a lot on the minds this morning of the PAX during the COT, and it digressed (regressed?) rather quickly into something of an uncomfortable discussion of a burgeoning bromance.

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