AO: Happy Jack

When: 01/27/2022


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Bloodhound, C4, Cricket, Duggar, Harp, Hombre, Homeboy, LawDog,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: LawDog

What a glories morning. 32 degrees outside is perfect for F3 beatdowns. Cold enough that you have to work just hard enough for the sweat to drip.  No better beat down than the Happy Jack to make that happen. YHC pulled up at 5:29:30 leaving the perfect amount of time to grab my bag and holler mosey. Bloodhound was all like we didn’t know we needed the bags. Quit lollygagging around Bloodhound, grab a bag and follow you leader. (Anyone who has met Bloodhound will know that I am now concerned that he will have a whistle ready to go for the next Q he has where YHC shows up).  Take the bags down to the goal line for drop off, keep running a lap to the other goal line and up the other side of the bleachers back to the grass by the flag. Warm-o-Rama. IWs, WPs, and mosey to Hombre’s truck for the big suprise. Homeboy stop running we are grabbing Cinder Blocks. Grab a block and back to the grass.

10 Goblet Squats, 10 curls, 10 shoulder presses. Run to the bags, no not around the fence, over the fence. At the bags 10 over the shoulder. Cricket was like, 10 each side? YHC you know what lets make it 10 snatches and over the head drop.  Then run to the other goal line with your bag. Drop it off and finish the lap back to the blocks. Rinse and repeat. YHC decided 3 full laps was enough. Mary for the 6, Dale must be running out of steam after the energy it took to verbally abuse YHC at the Kodak yesterday. Good thing its like water off a ducks back for YHC “STOP BEING SO SLOW HOMBRE YOU BIG WUSS!” That’s right, YHC takes all of Hombre’s mumbling with a grain of salt (now those that know Hombre know that YHC will get a back channel communication wanting an apology because he likes back channels and is a little sensitive).

Grab the bags and run to the trail stopping by the pond. 10 high pulls, 10 shoulder presses, run down the hill towards easy mountain. First Pax down decides where the bottom is. Of course it was cricket.  20 Rubicon count walking lunges. Back to the bags rinsing and repeating until YHC was ready to move on. 3 Rounds. Pick up the old dudes (Hombre and Bloodhound) and up easy mountain. At the top of easy mountain 20 merkins. YHC could hear Homeboy and C4 chit chatting all the way up the mountain and decided that they weren’t pushing hard enough so YHC switched it to 20 derkins on the fence after they did there 20 merkins. Cricket held them accountable and was all like get those feet higher to at least the 2nd rail boys we aren’t the Safari guys.  Mary for the six.

Duggar was like six is in and Cricket was like not until you finish your merkins. Cricket’s accountability inspired YHC that it is important to hold Pax accountable. Hey Duggar run back to the bags. Everyone else 10 burpees. For every Pax that passes Dugger there will be a penalty.  Duggar took off like a jack rabbit humping a horny toad in the desert sands of Death Valley and no Pax count him. Not even Harp and he is a runner now.  I know what you are thinking. Big deal. For those not familiar or forgot where the bags were at that run was from the barking lot fence by the big Flag all the way to the pond. Almost 1/2 mile sprint. Good work Duggar. So Penalty was assessed against the Pax. Burpees for the six.

Grab the bags and back to the flag picking up the blocks on the way.

Name-o-Rama and COT. Prayers for those mentioned and unmentioned.

All in all it was a glorious morning. Based on the recent talk about accountability I would like to call out Manning and Floppy. Those to dudes are really slacking. YHC was all excited to work out with them and then remembered they are slacking off from the hard work. All pax remember to call them out. Text them, call them, DM them, PM them, Email them, harass them, shame them, and love them. It’s time they quit slacking off and start pushing hard. Don’t worry, They don’t read back blasts so they won’t know this was planned so it will seem like spontaneous love from the pax.

Coffeeteria at the Kroger Starbucks. Biscuits, lard, crisco, black riffle coffee, Dollar General, Walmart, Snow Skiing, Justified, Ol’Henry, Snow mobile accidents, White Russians, Grand Torino, Falling Down, Shovel Fights, and such were the topics of conversation.

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