AO: Black Ops

When: 07/08/2021


Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: Biebs, Chubbs, Farm Country, Hustler, Mall Cop, Mansplain, Moonshine, Short Circuit, Smalls, Sparkles, Tooltime,

Number of FNGS: 2

FNG Names: Mansplain, ToolTime

QIC: Mall Cop

Yoshi and PianoMan were also here today.

Black Ops Series II over in River Green, name TBD…

Startex is currently the parking lot of the Central Park so we did a short 1/4mi mosey around Central Park so the PAX could see the route for today.


SSH, a handful of weed pickers for the TLD guys so I could check it off the list, some sungods and Phelps for good measure


We did a Tabata of sorts. While 2 PAX ran the 1/4mi loop everyone else performed one exercise on the board. when the runners returned we rotated down thru each exercise. Rinse Repeat

1/4mi Lap

Squat • Curl • Press with 25# dumbell

Jump Rope

Pretty Pretty Princess: pink and gold coupon held just above head, elbows bent, walking curtsey. a sort of walking lunge. this sucked

Ruck over face flutters

Inchworm Merkins: Short Circuit’s favorite

Shorty Canoes: Short Circuits boat canoes, but his name is dumb

a few minutes of Mary to close things out


prayers for all the injured PAX needing surgery, job changes for Sparkles (6 man) wife and Chubbs.

FNGs named: ToolTime for his dabbling in basement renovations and the name Fingers creeped me out. Mansplain b/c he decided he needed to Mansplain what an acoustic guitar was and I honestly didn’t hear any more of his story after that…. I’m sure his invention is incredibly cool, if I knew what an acoustic guitar was.

NMM: Enjoyed jumping back into the RG AO with these guys. small groups are always a lot of fun. Everyone did so well being a Pretty Pretty Princess that I forgot we were sweating and gross. Will repeat this beatdown with a few additions maybe but no subtractions. each exercise proved to be worthwhile.

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