AO: Paragon

When: 06/04/2020


Number of Pax: 16

Pax Names: Bayside, Bodybag, Cricket, Garfield, Grey Poupon, Grylls, Jackalope, Kiffin, Molson, Panhandle, Shrinkage, Sugar Daddy, Tebow, Time Slot, White Rice, Woody,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Panhandle

Shrinkage asks YHC advice on what to do if you feel like you have to crap yourself.  YHC tells Shrinkage to ask our resident expert, Garfield, who always comes with TP now. Apparently that was a divine prophecy because Garfield almost crapped himself…

Warm ups

Drill Instructors

Mosey to field of weeds, TWISTED CLIMBERS – Mtn climbers OYO, Q calls twist, roll to the right, resume climbers, Q calls back, roll to left and resume again.  Keep going for a bit, back and forth. Drill Instructors.

Mosey to benches, DIP ROULETTE – One PAX leads us in cadence for dips.  20 (4ct) is the magic number. Do 20 one more time, then 19.  Then go down from there by twos (17, 15, 13, etc…). 280 dips total. Drill Instructors.

The chocolate fondue fountain is almost ready to release from Garfield.

Mosey to bus lanes for URBAN SPARTANS.

Cones set up down whole of bus lane and then some, feels longer than a field. Molson cannot see the cones on the other side. SPRINT down to cones, do 10 of a selected exercise, Drill Instructors for the 6 (and beyond at times). Mosey back to start. Exercises are as follows:

Round 1 – Jump Squats

Round 2 – Merkins

Round 3 – Star Jumps

Round 4 and 5 – Explosive Merkins (hand release and then explosive movement to get whole body off the ground)

Round 6 – Bonnie Blairs (at this point Garfield begins walking back with hand stuffed into his butt, preventing the brown river from flowing out)

Round 7 – Maktars (plank surrenders)

Round 8 – Diamond Merkins

Round 9 – 20 Burpees

Round 10 – Merlot

Grab gear, head to flag

Butkus’ with a merkin drop on Q’s call to finish

Garfield didn’t crap himself…but it was a close call.

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