AO: Clinic

When: 05/17/2021


Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: Barbossa, Brad Pitt, Butterfly, Homer, Icy Hot, Livingston, Scotchguard, Sgt. Slaughter, Stopwatch, Test Tube, Wax-on,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Brad Pitt

Welcome to Classic Clinic beat down.

Mosey around the amphitheater to pick up late comers and stopped up by the gazebo for warm-o-rama. Did butt kickers and high knees along the way.

6 count Burpees, SSH, Weed Pickers, Sun Gods an Michael Phelps to warm us up.

Mosey back to the lawn for a series of Merkins and core work.

20 elbows tight Merkins

20 War Hammers

20 Diamond Merkins

20 Freddie Mercury’s

20 Wide arm Merkins

20 Flutter Kicks

20 Carolina Dry Docks

Change to pulsing lunges across the amphitheater lawn. Right Side lunges back across the lawn. Left side lunges back across the lawn. Mosey to the terraces.

Time for dips and step up knee raises.

20 dips in cadence

20 right leg knee raises

20 more dips in cadence

20 left leg knee raises.

Mosey back to the bottom of the stairs for 11’s doing Derkins at the top of stairs and pop squats at the bottom.

1 pop squat….10 Derkins

2 pop squats….9 Derkins

3 pop squats…. 8 Derkins… etc…

Final minutes we did the inch worm bear crawl back to the flag.

Great work by everyone. Thanks for working through this quickly planned beat down.


@WaxOn was sixth man. Thanks for sharing. Prayers for your family situation.

Shared my experience in F3 after 2 years. It’s really about relationships and the amazing network of men I’ve come to know.

Prayers for Butterfly and his job search. WaxOn and his business expanding.


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