AO: Stockyard

When: 08/09/2022


Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: Brad Pitt, Daisie, Exile, Lamb Chop, Maaco, Picanha, Python, Snot Rocket, Staple, Surf N Turf, Tinfoil,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Snot Rocket

Short and slow mosey around parking lot. Mission Statement and 5 Core Principles shared. Weed Pickers, Sun Gods, Michael Phelps, Copperhead Squats

Instructed PAX to line up on a parking space facing an island ahead. Bear Crawl 2 spaces, Crawl Bear 1 space back, 10 squats. Repeat until all PAX reach island. Faster PAX picked up the 6 beautifully.

The Thang…

PAX instructed to get their coupons, heading over to grassy area next to parking lot. YHC set up cones and a dry erase board and two new heavy coupons. Compressed air cannisters. One is 70lbs, one is 60lbs.

We all take turns being the “timer” while the remaining PAX do one of the moves on the board while the PAX is working. The timer PAX is doing a “Caber Toss”(which YHC just found out the night prior was a sport in Scotland that also happens in the states, thanks Python for the advice)between the two sets of cones. PAX picks cannister up vertically, places both hands under the bottom, squats and lifts with arms to flip the cannister forward. The farther you go, the less flips you have to do to get to the set of cones. Then you get back to your coupon and the entire group advances to the next exercise while the next timer PAX starts flipping.

We got through the entire set 3 times. Not a dry pit in the house.

Exercices on board…
-Truck Drivers
-Kettlebell Swings
-Lat Pullovers
-Squat & Press
-Bench Press
-Elf on the Shelf
-High Pull
-Leg Raises

Back to the flag with no time for Mary but we got in a good workout.

Naked Man Moleskin…

This was YHCs first time at the Stockyard, going to be a great AO. Prayers for Wastewater and healing of his back from School of Ruck over the past weekend. Prayers that we would be men of wisdom and love in our spheres of influence throughout our day.

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