AO: Clinic

When: 06/09/2021


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: B-Line, Blue Light, Butterfly, Clickbait, Ditka, Driftwood, Gut Check, Nickelback, Oracle, Star Search, Subzero, Sundance,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: B-Line

QIC: Gut Check


Burning Down the Clinic: Episode 2 — Casino Night


7 Motivators, 14 Imperial Walkers, 11 Weed Pickers, 10 seconds of Sun Gods


Playing 21 with the F3 Deck of Cards. The object, draw cards up to 21. Hold or bust!

Round 1: Clickbait Draw:

  • Ace of Clubs: Flutter Kicks (Kodiak)
  • 4 of Clubs: Heels to Heaven
  • Jack of Clubs: Shoulder Tap (Kodiak)

[HOLD at 14]

  • Travel Card: 10 of Hearts: Butt Kick

Exercise: 1 Flutter Kick, 1 Heels to Heaven, 1 Shoulder Tap, Butt Kick to other side of lot. 2 Flutter Kicks, 2 Heels to Heaven, 2 Shoulder Taps (Kodiak), Butt Kick to other side of lot. Increase by 1 and Repeat to 15 rounds.

Round 2: Butterfly and Oracle Draw

  • 3 of Spades: Wojo Squat
  • 9 of Diamonds: Ranger Merkin
  • Jack of Spades: Smurf Jacks (but we did Plank Jacks cause we can’t read in the dark!)

[BUST: 12]

  • Travel Card: 4 of Hearts: Sprint

Exercise: 10 Burpee Penalty for Busting. 1 Wojo Squat, 1 Ranger Merkin, 1 Smurf Jack, Sprint to other side of lot. Increase by 1 and Repeat to 22 rounds (modified to 12 for time).

Catch Me If You Can till Time.


Prayed for prayer requests offered.

Naked Man Moleskin

Casino night was a huge success. Raised the PAX heart rate and competition level. YHC loves the F3 Deck of Cards. It’s such a great workout!

The matches are lit and the Clinic is burning!

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