AO: Other

When: 07/15/2021


Number of Pax: 16

Pax Names: 2 squirrels, Barney, Biebs, Chubbs, Foosball, Gut Check, Hustler, Mall Cop, Mansplain, Short Circuit, Small World, Tooltime, ZeroTurn,

Number of FNGS: 2

FNG Names: KickBall and Flyer

QIC: Hustler

Who’s Q? Oh, mine? Ok.

You’re allowed to forget you have the Q once. I got mine out of the way. But I heard enough grumbling and huffing’ to know that it all worked out OK.

Mosey to circle for SSHs, Weedpickers (Whoo Hoo!), ImpWalkers, Merks and others.

Mosey to BurpieBackMountains/11s (1 SSH, Bernie uphill, 10 Burpies at the top). Fan favorite, let me tell you.

Plank for the 6, and then we all did the last 10 SSHs and 1 Burp with the 6. Nice fellas!

Mosey to a modified BLIMPS — WLIMs (pronounced wah-LIM-z), 5 Weedpicker (Whoo Hoo!), 10 Lunges (singles), 15 ImpWalkers and 20 Merks, escalating, spiced with a mosey between each set.


20 yard bear crawl through the swamp, then sprint 50 yards back to the circle.

We welcomed KickBall and Flyer and welcomed back Kotter Barney.

We prayed for Sharapova’s M, all guys injured, Kim, Ralph, and others.

It was awesome.

This new AO is beefing up with eight RiverGreen guys, and that’s crucial because we will be the backbone of this AO. However, we do need help… please put your name down in the Q sheet for at least a handful of Qs so we get it filled up till the end of the year. This call is for all PAX not just RiverGreeners. And, then we can take folks off the Q as new folks want to step up. Do it now! We need to keep this AO — called Radio Silence — moving forward and this is a big step to do that! Thx!  We want to keep beefing up at Radio Silence.


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