AO: WoodstockRucks

When: 12/19/2020


Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: 8-Bit, Brady Bunch, Brain Fart, E-tool, Gambler, Hass, Recharge, Short Circuit, Slow Burn,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Recharge

QIC: Hass

Having not been able to complete the Rucks on Parade December challenge at the WNS, YHC decide today was the day. Pulling in to the amphitheater, I was happy to see that several pax had come out to join me in the gloom.  One I had expected though was oddly missing. A quick check of slack reviled the answer, my man 8-bit was coming in hot!  Just like old times. Unlike most rucks, this one started with a Warmarama. Normal stuff, side straddle hops, weed pickers, and sun gods. With that complete, it was time get to work. We completed the following AMRAP in 20.20 minutes 20 of each 1.  Body Builders 2.  Ruck Squat Thrusters 3.  Good Mornings 4.  Ruck Cleans 5.  Ruck Rows.   Since we can’t  call it a ruck without actually rucking, we had just under 45 min to complete the loop. We headed down Arnold Mill to the Rubes Creek trail,  through the random persons side yard and up to Woodglen Dr.  Left on Serenade Ln. and right on Main St. back to the amphitheater.   The COT was completed with prayers going out to PAX family and our man Hooch.

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