12/18/2023 - Cheetah - 2023 Cheetah Finale

WARMUP: THE THANG: MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: New Years Convergence on 12/30 at Etowah Park. Paragon anniversary beatdown on 1/2. COT: Prayers for everyone traveling over the holidays. Prayers for Dasani and…

12/14/2023 - Stoneclad - Stoneclad Assemble!

WARMUP: quick (sub 9) mosey around the parking lot twice, stretches, YHC’s trademark arm warmups THE THANG: 12 days of Christmas Billy Madison. 12 workouts that build up with coupons.…

12/11/2023 - Cheetah - One trick 🐴

WARMUP:traditional f3Cherokee, disclaimer, mission,5principles THE THANG: Dora, bar workout with various exercises Tabata with squats Rifle/farmers carry MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: 12/22 3rdF breakfast, 12/30 convergence, loaded relay on MLK day COT:

11/28/2023 - Paragon - 12 Days of Christmas

WARMUP: It was a VQ warm up. THE THANG: Jester can explain. MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: Awesome job on your VQ Jester! COT: Prayers for LBC’s mother, Tinder’s family, and Homeboy’s