AO: 3rd F

When: 09/17/2021


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: 8-Bit, Baby Ruth, Bo Peep, Doubtfire, Good Hands, Hangnail, LuLu, Sweat Shop, Tinder, Westside,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Baby Ruth

Time to bring out the best from the other BDs i done all weak to StoneClad.  This was a non-stop 0.0 that always had you moving while carrying a coupon.  It was great Thursday morning with just a light drizzle.

Warm-o-rama – Mosey to ball field to start with SSH x 15 to get the heart pumping.  Then mosey to the league field and did Imperial walkers x 16, Weed pickers x 10, then mosey back to parking lot to start the BD.  I already had the cinderblocks and cones ready to go for the Stonecladians.  As with my other workouts, there is a 60lb sandbag that had to be carried by someone and they could only stop carrying if someone took it from them.


This was an escalator type of workout.  There is a starting point  plus 10 cones down the parking lot.  Each cones had a different exercise each pax had to perform.  The pax would start with overhead presses with their coupons (20lb+ cinderblocks)

Starting point:

Overhead Press.  Each round the pax would do the number assigned.  For example round 1, they would do 5 overhead presses, next round you add 5 more, then 5 more, you get the point.

  • RD 1 – 5
  • RD 2 – 10
  • RD 3 – 15
  • RD 4 – 20
  • RD 5 – 25
  • Rd 6 – 30
  • RD 7 – 35
  • Rd 8 – 40
  • RD 9 – 45
  • RD 10 – 50

RD 1 complete, go to first cone to complete exercise, then go back to starting point to continue to RD 2.  Rd 2 done, go to first cone, complete it, then go to 2nd cone to complete it.  Once 2nd cone is done, sprint back to Starting point for Rd 3, once RD 3 is done, go to 1st cone, then 2nd cone, then 3rd cone to complete it, then sprint back to starting point and you keep going till you get to the last 10th cone. This is all by carrying your cinderblock coupon with you.  No time to put it down.

The 10 exercise each Stonecladian had to perform with a coupon

  • 5 – Side Swing (5 each side)
  • 10 – Big boys while holding coupon
  • 15 – Deadlifts
  • 20 – Single Arm lifts (10 each arm)
  • 25 – Tricep Dips
  • 30 – Squats
  • 35 – Bench Presses
  • 40 – Cinderblock swings
  • 45 – Merkins
  • 50 – Lunges/Arm curls/overhead press

At the beginning of the beatdown, I played a spotify playlist that said “best of the 80’s” long and behold, who knew that the song “9 to 5” by Dolly Parton was one of the best 80’s song.  I got crap for it but i redeemed myself by playing my “Hero” playlist that had bonnie taylor-I need a hero, Survivor-Eye of the tiger, and many more encouraging songs.  When 8-bit says I redeemed myself, then i Know I did.

We finished with a quick merri with 2 minutes to spare.  Flutter kicks and copper head squats.

COT we pray for Legionarries family as he lost a loved one.  Bobeep brought out the coffeeteria and we mumble chatter for a while.  our shoulders were burning but we know we got stronger.

Why the sandbag?  I am glad you asked!  The sandbag represents the burden that we as men carry on our shoulders.  The burden can be big or small but we as men always carry something.  It can be something like a family problem, stress at work, money problems or anything that we men put up and deal with.  This is why we can’t just give our burden to someone else (hence you cannot give the sandbag to someone), we as F3 men are here for each other to help with the burden we men carry.  A Pax must be open to trust your F3 brothers, talk about your burdens, so we can help to take that burden from you.  F3 is being there for each other, and helping anyway we can.


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