AO: Slab

When: 03/11/2021


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Boondock, BoSox, Farm Country, Fire Sale, Juilliard, Lars, Maaco, Wax-on,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Maaco


Weeds, Merkins, ?

The Thang-

First time Q’ing and posting at The Slab.  Let’s bring out the toys.

Pick a partner.

4 Stations

  1. Jug Carry back and forth across the parking lot. 5 shoulder shrugs at each end.
  2. Man Makers with 20 lb. dumbbells.
  3. Single hand farmer’s carry with 5 gallon bucket filled with rocks. Switch hands at the end of the parking lot.
  4. Over shoulder sandbag toss across parking lot.

The timer for the workout was your partner running the loop around the clubhouse.  If your partner ran the loop faster than the six, he would go back to pick up the 6 until all runners were in.  At that point, you would switch.  Once each partner had run the loop and completed the workout, the PAX rotated.

Finished with a little bit of Mary.

Box cutters




It is a solid crew at The Slab.  Everyone put in work.  Wax-On has the best line when he leaves the BD as he says “Wax-Off.”  That is pretty epic.


Lars cried when Mandals didn’t post.  He might have to put an ad in the Lost Connections section of the Cherokee Tribune.


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