AO: League

When: 06/22/2020


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: Butterfly, Careless Whisper, Driftwood, Foosball, Lifeboat, Panhandle, Peek-a-Boo, Saluki, Squirtle, Time Slot,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Panhandle

Prerun festivities with Foosball, Saluki and Peek-a-boo (jumping right in after a week!)

Warm up SSH and MPs – Shorter Warm up today after the PAX saw Driftwood helping Time Slot stretch out his hammy’s before start up…

Circle around curb – Butkus Merkins – Do butkus’ until YHC calls Drop, then do a merkin and resume butkus’ – 4 min seems like forever, like not forever in the sense that Foosball stares into Saluki’s eyes while working out, but forever as in YHC is on the toilet forever at home because he is on his phone doing a backblast

Lateral shuffles up parking spaces – 2 groups, back and forth across the lot until we reach the end, would be an ideal exercise to cropdust the rest of the PAX

20 squats, 20 jump squats, 15 star jumps (YHC got too bold and tried to call cadence on jump squats, failed like cheesy Bond villain from the 60s, so we did OYO on star jumps)

Iron Cross – One pax hits each cone with shuffles/runs while the rest of the PAX switch between merkins and SSHs – IC

Shuttle Runs – Same as above, Maktars and Star Jumps though – OYO

The cones confused most of the PAX, but they added to the workout, so YHC let it slip.  Saluki tried valiantly to correct them, he even drew up schematics and showed a video walk through, to no avail, the PAX were hungry for more than YHC gave them.  Butterfly tried a Happy Gilmore move with his cone at one point (beginning of the movie, just watch it Squirtle, yes we all know you are too young to know what YHC is talking about…and no it is not considered an old classic movie yet)

Mosey to field, Escalating Bear Crawls – Crawl 4 times, 4 merkins, 4 shoulder taps, go across entire field

Twisted Climbing Spartans – Verbal cues

CLIMB – mountain climbers

RIGHT – roll to right, resume climbers

LEFT – roll to left, resume climbers

UP – Jump up like a burpee, down and hand release merkin, resume climbers

GO – Sprint across field, turn around, resume climbers ready for next sprint

Did this forever.  Took a break and did some merkins to rest the arms. Lifeboat can SPRINT! Man was a machine.  I think Foosball jumped on his back and took advantage of the speed a couple of times.  Careless Whisperer tried that with him too, but was shrugged off after whispering “you’re so fast” into his ear…personal space CW, come on.

Squirtle somehow materialized at this point.  He was apparently with us the whole time, he swears guys!

Wall walk – PAX line up and put feet up on stage and use hands to walk across the length of the stage (like balls to the wall only moving). This was a dumb, idiotic idea and YHC cannot wait to try it again. Props to CW for the idea to hook the feet on the stage, YHC was just pressing his feet against the stage and kept slipping until CW showed a better way.  Great job man, just take over YHC’s Q and slap me while you are at it.

DIP ROULETTE – line up side by side, do dips, each PAX calls 10 dips in cadence (20) – 200 total.  Some ladies walked by and were blown away by our amazing efforts, even though YHC was crying like a little school girl.  Thankfully Butterfly was there to comfort me.

Wind Sprints to finish x10 – Saluki and Life Boat were hauling.  Driftwood was tripped by Time Slot only for him to recover and throw a cone at him which hit Foosball, who immediately put on face paint and got his axe (where was he keeping that thing?), yelling a Viking chant.  Life Boat interceded and threw his shoe, knocking Foosball unconscious.  Saluki and Squirtle jumped Life Boat saying something about fashionable masks while LB was talking about only fighting gangs in his former life (yes Squirtle, from another ancient movie). Butterfly, Peek-a-boo and YHC pretended not to notice and kept running, counting down until 615 finally came.

Foosball and Saluki have done an amazing job as Site-Qs.  YHC threw a lot of crap at the PAX this morning and they handled it like F3 HIMs.  Great work gents.

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