AO: League

When: 08/11/2021


Number of Pax: 24

Pax Names: 8-Bit, Aquaman, Brimstone, Chazz, Cocky, Crawlspace, Dowry, Festiva, Garfield, Good Hands, Hass, High Tops, Jorts, Pony Boy, Rubberneck, Spit Valve, Sunjoy, T-ball, Ten Key, Westside, Wild Thing,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Crawlspace

QIC: Brimstone

Had 24 this morning show up in the gloom for a Brimstone Q! The rules were posted in slack yesterday, and as always there was some good natured grumbling & complaining, but it turned out to be a fun game that will have to return at some point!

…game could also be called “Poles & Nuts”


  • Field
    • Two square end zone/safe zones
    • A circle of cones in the middle of each end zone
    • A poleish pole with a bottle on top in the middle of the circle
    • No sidelines
  • Rules
    • Regular ultimate to make it down the field.
    • To get points, the team has to hit their poleish pole.
    • Points are by poleish scoring.
      • 1 point for dropped disc
      • 2 points for dropped bottle
      • 3 points if both are dropped
    • So the defense can stop the offense from gaining points by catching the disc and the bottle after the pole is hit.
  • End zone/safety zone
    • Once the offense makes it to the end zone, they get a free shot to the pole. No guarding, no blocking.
    • Only 2 players from the defense are allowed in the circle of cones around the pole. They are there to catch the disc after it hits the pole and to catch the bottle.
    • They cannot stop the disc from touching the pole. If they do, automatic 3 points.
    • The circle is out of bounds for the offense. If they catch it in the circle, it’s a turnover.
    • You can attempt to hit the pole from outside of the end zone, but it is not a free shot. Defense can block (but not inside the circle).
    • Normal pull after scoring/attempt.
      • If a shot is taken, but the pole is missed, it’s a turnover and play resumes. No pull.
      • Dropped pulls are a turnover.
Pretty simple if you know both games.
  • TL;DR
    • Regular Ultimate to make it down the field.
    • Playing poleish to score.
    • No defense after a catch in the end zone.

Had a few rule disputes, but we figured it out. Lots of misses on the free shots, so lots of running and not a whole lot of breaks. It was a close game, with Shirts coming back toward the end, but Pinnies ended up clinching the win. Final Score was 22-21 (I think).


  1. Sunjoy aiming at the wrong pole and throwing it as hard as he possible could into Westside’s nuts
    1. Westside said he was done guarding the pole after that…
  2. Confirmed that Cocky no longer has COVID lungs, he was on fire today!
  3. Brimstone’s dumb decision to jump into the endzone and having to throw at the pole from the furthest possible point…
  4. The T-Ball and Twin collision…
  5. Ten Key’s surprising miss from 5 feet away…
  6. Dowry seems to be trying to take Aquaman’s spot as the League’s resident cherry picker… but I think Dowry had most of Shirt’s points with his pinpoint accuracy today.
  7. The incredible Wild Thing dive through the circle to catch the disc in the safe zone and give the Shirts one last chance to win it. But the Pinnies had a clutch bottle catch to keep the lead for the win.



  • Welcome Crawlspace! Sorry I didn’t recognize you all morning… haven’t seen you in a decade! Played great today, hope you’ll be back!
  • Prayers for Show Pony and his M scheduled to be induced today


Ended with coffeeteria, and a little disc golf action from the parking lot with Rubberneck, 8-bit, & Westside. Disc Golf 2nd F Outing coming soon!

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